[prelude]: steve & cristy

Thursday, January 26, 2012

salt & pepper and seeing within :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sometimes I like to challenge myself in sessions...personally.
not sacrificing any of what my client is looking for, just one additional "me" thing to be thinking about.
contrast and light was on my mind for this session.

largely in part because of the time of day and this location that I've grown to love shooting at.
the light has a way of completely changing the makeup of this place.
in broad daylight an old tree appears to have a lot of character and regality...
but when light is dimmed, moodiness appears and shadows show stark beautiful contrast.
put simply, it never disappoints artistically and I love it. :)

but contrast and light were also on my mind in part because of this family I had the pleasure of photographing.
the noticeable contrasting personalities of each of these family members was incredible.
incredible because the contrast absolutely complimented each other.
yes, all the girls had stunning red hair and smiles that could light up a room...and crazy beautiful eyes all around,
but it was their interactions, teasing & laughing at/with each other
was what I particularly loved getting to see through my lens...
as a bonus, I've gotten to know the youngest girl these past couple years
and was terribly excited to get to photograph her. :)
not only do I love getting to watch her serve faithfully and love deeply the people around her, 
but I simply LOVE the transformation of her features when she laughs and smiles...she literally lights up.
you can't help but smile and laugh with her!
a most beautiful thing of beauty! :)

yes, this happy family session was a happy study of contrasts & light...
contrast that goes together like salt & pepper,
and light that continues to always fascinate me...especially when seen from within. :)

a very pinterest-ing obsession :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ahhhh, pinterest.
wait, what's that?
you've never heard of it?!
if the fact that I am blogging about it isn't proof enough of my obsession,
let me explain a little more why I think it's worth checking out! :)

pinterest is an online pinboard that just became one of the top 10 social networks. (i.e. it's a big deal.)
in my words?
it's an online pinboard that if tumblr, blogger, wordpress & facebook all got together and smooshed together,
they would have re-birthed this seriously AH-mazing site! (did I? yeah, I did just say re-birth...just go with me.) :)
it's a place where bakers, seamstress', photographers, designers, crafters, collectors, fashionistas, dieters, readers & a myriad of other people can get a glimpse of creative inspiration by looking at what their peers are looking at and learning from. (in a most non-creepy, non-stalkerish way, of course!) :)
naysayer's would say it's the biggest time suck because you never actually "do" any of the stuff you pin...
oh contraire, haters :)
I am now the proud owner of homemade angry bird plushies, crayon art & wall art that otherwise would never have been created by spending time doing pinteresting things with my crafty kids! :)
yes, there are some dud recipes I've tried, but overall...some really creative good stuff to try out!
some might even say it's the creative type's answer to fantasy football. ;)
but whatever you say or have heard about, I'm telling you I love it!
if you're on there let me know to follow you...I LOVE new inspiration!
or if you want a glimpse into my crazy-town mind follow me here! :)
here's a few of my latest favorite pins...

happy pin-ning! :)

liars and kindred spirits :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

funny fact:
almost all of you who I have had the privelage to call clients have ALL said at one point
that you don't take good pictures and don't like the camera.
I have the biggest liars of all time for clients. :)
why do I think this?
because there is beauty in everything...in everyone.
I 100% believe that.
it's a reason of why I LOVE what I get to do...
I get to go treasure hunting to find the beauty in what you declare has none. :)
and this girl?  yup, lumped in with the rest of you liars :)
this girl not only has easily identitfiable beauty on the outside, but she sparkles from the inside out.
especially the longer you hang out with her...her shyness is a thing of beauty to watch slowly melt away.
her eyes are the first to give her away...and then her b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. smile! :)
sassy, colorful, intelligent, determined AND a kindred spirit of books.
(yup, total anne of green gables reference there) :)
in high school I used to love, love, LOVE reading the Christy Miller book series...yup, I SO did.  judge away.
come to find out I'm not the only one!  she. does. TOO!
yes, I'm 34.
and yes, I totally squealed like a junior high girl at finding out this fact and having the ability to talk about Todd, Christy & Katie with my new book friend! :)
yup, a most memorable happy session for me to have gotten the privilege to share with this beautiful girl. :)

scenic overlook

Friday, January 20, 2012

it's friday...and I'm finally smiling on the inside. :)

I posted this record on sunday that was painted by an artist that I like.
beautiful, hand-painted records...not going to lie, I wish I had that kind of art in me.
I posted his art because I kept hearing this song.
the song resonated in my heart all week.
all week, in every uphill conversation...in every message...He is making me new.
last night was the tipping point and I couldn't help but smile knowing that God was laughing at me.
laughing because I couldn't escape what He was continuously whispering to me.
He was reminding me that it's worth it to reach the peak of an uphill week.
whispering encouragement to me that there is an unbelievable view that makes your heart swell and where peace resides.
and reminding me that this journey

I have a feeling that twentytwelve is going to be an uphill year and that I haven't even come close to reaching a peak.
this friday, at the close of an uphill week the reality is that this is probably only a "scenic overlook". :)
and that's okay.
in fact, it's good.
good because when He makes things new, they're better.
the journey is painful...growth always is.
growing pains remind me of physically growing as a little kid...your legs ache for days on end.
but IN the end you're stronger...taller even.
and so much more fit for walking on the journey.

I feel like this week was a gift of reminding me that on this journey to focus, dependence on Him is essential.
I can be creative.
I can be me.
but dependence on Him is essential.
and in the end if I slow down to pause and listen to His whispers amidst an unphill week...
the scenic overlook is simply breathtaking.

boom, boom, POW

Thursday, January 12, 2012

gotta get that.
gotta get that.
gotta get that boom boom pow...them chickens jackin' my style...

yup, I can never listen to that song again without thinking about this little man and smiling.
most kids rock out to veggie tales or the latest greatest four man group on the disney channel.
not him.
rock. star. :)
nothing but a little black eyed peas to get him going. :)

I've written about this family before and the ways you can help...and the need is still there.
botox injections and new casts on his feet to help the stretch and grow are next up on the list that you can read about more on her blog that she keeps for him...

but this afternoon was genuinely fun for me...
his happy face lighting up at a little bep,
the girls sweet happy (albeit chilly) faces lit up with smiles playing outside for an afternoon.
and watching their parents simply love on them and be happy to be around them.
yup, this is afternoon to look back on a smile...and remember to take time and get a little "boom, boom, POW!" :)

wonder woman

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love her.
plain and simple.
I love her.
she is one of the hardest working mom's I know out there.
I know we all are the "hardest working" at what we do...but I genuinely am incredulous at the pace she keeps.
puts me to shame, really.

this is an excerpt from her blog (if you're not following it, you should...she's wicked funny and real about the day to day life of being a mommy, wife, daughter, sister, wonder woman extraordinaire) about what she does:
 "...Sophomore Jaguar, Jr. High Rattler, 3rd grade and Kindergarden Bulldogs.  Job hunting.  Resume building.  Reference searching.  Website browsing, facebook stalking, email checking.

Softball, soccer, football practices. Birth Certificate copies, 20 page tryout packets, fund raising.
Back to school signatures, school supplies, forms, forms, forms.
Homework helping, checking, signing.  Club meeting, soccer tryouts, football meeting.  Reservations, scrimmages, tournaments.

Coupon cutting, ad checking, saving 65%.  Fry's, Albertsons, CVS. Pantry organizing.
Dish loading, garbage dumping, bed making, Laundry sorting, washing, drying, sorting, washing, drying, sorting.....

6:30 a.m. Drivers Ed.,
7:30 grumpy boys wakeup, breakfasts, make lunches, tie shoes.
8:10 drop off.
8:12 clean, clean, vacuum, vacuum.

10:30 aide the teacher at EVIT
3:15 back home....hungry kids

4:00 juggle four practices, find dinner, help with homework

Fashion disasters, clothes donating, shopping.
Weight lifting, treadmill sprinting, ipod charging.
Spray painting, garage organizing, car cleaning.  Goodwill hunting, Target browsing, IKEA meatballs.

Ornament making. 
Yes, really.

Desk building, furniture rearranging, new laptop.
Checklists, messages, voicemail.
Blog writing, blog deleting, blog blech.

Grandma makes us food. 
She's Mrs. Incredible.
Grandpa helps with softball.  He's Mr. Incredible.

Texting, texting, texting,
texting, texting, texting, texting, texting, sore hand.

Driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, need gas.
Too tired to watch movies. Too hot to be outside. Too busy to slow down. Too much for one week. "

I admire her.
I really and truly always have and still do.
not because she keeps a crazy busy pace...
well, maybe a little bit...but mostly because she loves deeply and shows it by what she does on a day to day basis.
and every once and a while when life slows down for us for a nano second,
she's asks me to diet coke, asks me how I'm really doing and reminds me to "maybe, it's time for you to rest?"
(yeah, the irony of the pot calling the kettle black is not lost on me) :)
she sit across the table from me looks me in the eye and makes time for me.
amidst the chaos of her life...time for me. 

she's wonder woman.
always has been.
always will be.
she's my big sister...
and I love her. :)