liars and kindred spirits :)

Monday, January 23, 2012

funny fact:
almost all of you who I have had the privelage to call clients have ALL said at one point
that you don't take good pictures and don't like the camera.
I have the biggest liars of all time for clients. :)
why do I think this?
because there is beauty in everyone.
I 100% believe that.
it's a reason of why I LOVE what I get to do...
I get to go treasure hunting to find the beauty in what you declare has none. :)
and this girl?  yup, lumped in with the rest of you liars :)
this girl not only has easily identitfiable beauty on the outside, but she sparkles from the inside out.
especially the longer you hang out with her...her shyness is a thing of beauty to watch slowly melt away.
her eyes are the first to give her away...and then her b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. smile! :)
sassy, colorful, intelligent, determined AND a kindred spirit of books.
(yup, total anne of green gables reference there) :)
in high school I used to love, love, LOVE reading the Christy Miller book series...yup, I SO did.  judge away.
come to find out I'm not the only one!  she. does. TOO!
yes, I'm 34.
and yes, I totally squealed like a junior high girl at finding out this fact and having the ability to talk about Todd, Christy & Katie with my new book friend! :)
yup, a most memorable happy session for me to have gotten the privilege to share with this beautiful girl. :)


Jan said...

Such great photos of Becca!

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