scenic overlook

Friday, January 20, 2012

it's friday...and I'm finally smiling on the inside. :)

I posted this record on sunday that was painted by an artist that I like.
beautiful, hand-painted records...not going to lie, I wish I had that kind of art in me.
I posted his art because I kept hearing this song.
the song resonated in my heart all week.
all week, in every uphill every message...He is making me new.
last night was the tipping point and I couldn't help but smile knowing that God was laughing at me.
laughing because I couldn't escape what He was continuously whispering to me.
He was reminding me that it's worth it to reach the peak of an uphill week.
whispering encouragement to me that there is an unbelievable view that makes your heart swell and where peace resides.
and reminding me that this journey

I have a feeling that twentytwelve is going to be an uphill year and that I haven't even come close to reaching a peak.
this friday, at the close of an uphill week the reality is that this is probably only a "scenic overlook". :)
and that's okay.
in fact, it's good.
good because when He makes things new, they're better.
the journey is painful...growth always is.
growing pains remind me of physically growing as a little kid...your legs ache for days on end.
but IN the end you're stronger...taller even.
and so much more fit for walking on the journey.

I feel like this week was a gift of reminding me that on this journey to focus, dependence on Him is essential.
I can be creative.
I can be me.
but dependence on Him is essential.
and in the end if I slow down to pause and listen to His whispers amidst an unphill week...
the scenic overlook is simply breathtaking.


elizabeth said...

i love you. this song makes me cry but its beautiful. I'm hoping and praying that this year...though challenging will bring you closer to discovering what God has been whispering to you all along.

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