boom, boom, POW

Thursday, January 12, 2012

gotta get that.
gotta get that.
gotta get that boom boom pow...them chickens jackin' my style...

yup, I can never listen to that song again without thinking about this little man and smiling.
most kids rock out to veggie tales or the latest greatest four man group on the disney channel.
not him.
rock. star. :)
nothing but a little black eyed peas to get him going. :)

I've written about this family before and the ways you can help...and the need is still there.
botox injections and new casts on his feet to help the stretch and grow are next up on the list that you can read about more on her blog that she keeps for him...

but this afternoon was genuinely fun for me...
his happy face lighting up at a little bep,
the girls sweet happy (albeit chilly) faces lit up with smiles playing outside for an afternoon.
and watching their parents simply love on them and be happy to be around them.
yup, this is afternoon to look back on a smile...and remember to take time and get a little "boom, boom, POW!" :)


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