wonder woman

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

I love her.
plain and simple.
I love her.
she is one of the hardest working mom's I know out there.
I know we all are the "hardest working" at what we do...but I genuinely am incredulous at the pace she keeps.
puts me to shame, really.

this is an excerpt from her blog (if you're not following it, you should...she's wicked funny and real about the day to day life of being a mommy, wife, daughter, sister, wonder woman extraordinaire) about what she does:
 "...Sophomore Jaguar, Jr. High Rattler, 3rd grade and Kindergarden Bulldogs.  Job hunting.  Resume building.  Reference searching.  Website browsing, facebook stalking, email checking.

Softball, soccer, football practices. Birth Certificate copies, 20 page tryout packets, fund raising.
Back to school signatures, school supplies, forms, forms, forms.
Homework helping, checking, signing.  Club meeting, soccer tryouts, football meeting.  Reservations, scrimmages, tournaments.

Coupon cutting, ad checking, saving 65%.  Fry's, Albertsons, CVS. Pantry organizing.
Dish loading, garbage dumping, bed making, Laundry sorting, washing, drying, sorting, washing, drying, sorting.....

6:30 a.m. Drivers Ed.,
7:30 grumpy boys wakeup, breakfasts, make lunches, tie shoes.
8:10 drop off.
8:12 clean, clean, vacuum, vacuum.

10:30 aide the teacher at EVIT
3:15 back home....hungry kids

4:00 juggle four practices, find dinner, help with homework

Fashion disasters, clothes donating, shopping.
Weight lifting, treadmill sprinting, ipod charging.
Spray painting, garage organizing, car cleaning.  Goodwill hunting, Target browsing, IKEA meatballs.

Ornament making. 
Yes, really.

Desk building, furniture rearranging, new laptop.
Checklists, messages, voicemail.
Blog writing, blog deleting, blog blech.

Grandma makes us food. 
She's Mrs. Incredible.
Grandpa helps with softball.  He's Mr. Incredible.

Texting, texting, texting,
texting, texting, texting, texting, texting, sore hand.

Driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, driving, need gas.
Too tired to watch movies. Too hot to be outside. Too busy to slow down. Too much for one week. "

I admire her.
I really and truly always have and still do.
not because she keeps a crazy busy pace...
well, maybe a little bit...but mostly because she loves deeply and shows it by what she does on a day to day basis.
and every once and a while when life slows down for us for a nano second,
she's asks me to diet coke, asks me how I'm really doing and reminds me to "maybe, it's time for you to rest?"
(yeah, the irony of the pot calling the kettle black is not lost on me) :)
she sit across the table from me looks me in the eye and makes time for me.
amidst the chaos of her life...time for me. 

she's wonder woman.
always has been.
always will be.
she's my big sister...
and I love her. :)


Kate the Great: said...

Wait...so which one of us is the kettle again? ;) ha. I just love you too. I've been too distracted to blog lately, but had a good laugh rereading this one. Maybe we'll look back on these times and get a huge laugh out of all this "busyness". I love meeting with you whenever we get a free moment. You somehow remind me to keep my sense of humor & love that you're always on my side. I love you je-we.

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