salt & pepper and seeing within :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

sometimes I like to challenge myself in sessions...personally.
not sacrificing any of what my client is looking for, just one additional "me" thing to be thinking about.
contrast and light was on my mind for this session.

largely in part because of the time of day and this location that I've grown to love shooting at.
the light has a way of completely changing the makeup of this place.
in broad daylight an old tree appears to have a lot of character and regality...
but when light is dimmed, moodiness appears and shadows show stark beautiful contrast.
put simply, it never disappoints artistically and I love it. :)

but contrast and light were also on my mind in part because of this family I had the pleasure of photographing.
the noticeable contrasting personalities of each of these family members was incredible.
incredible because the contrast absolutely complimented each other.
yes, all the girls had stunning red hair and smiles that could light up a room...and crazy beautiful eyes all around,
but it was their interactions, teasing & laughing at/with each other
was what I particularly loved getting to see through my lens...
as a bonus, I've gotten to know the youngest girl these past couple years
and was terribly excited to get to photograph her. :)
not only do I love getting to watch her serve faithfully and love deeply the people around her, 
but I simply LOVE the transformation of her features when she laughs and smiles...she literally lights up.
you can't help but smile and laugh with her!
a most beautiful thing of beauty! :)

yes, this happy family session was a happy study of contrasts & light...
contrast that goes together like salt & pepper,
and light that continues to always fascinate me...especially when seen from within. :)


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