a very pinterest-ing obsession :)

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

ahhhh, pinterest.
wait, what's that?
you've never heard of it?!
if the fact that I am blogging about it isn't proof enough of my obsession,
let me explain a little more why I think it's worth checking out! :)

pinterest is an online pinboard that just became one of the top 10 social networks. (i.e. it's a big deal.)
in my words?
it's an online pinboard that if tumblr, blogger, wordpress & facebook all got together and smooshed together,
they would have re-birthed this seriously AH-mazing site! (did I? yeah, I did just say re-birth...just go with me.) :)
it's a place where bakers, seamstress', photographers, designers, crafters, collectors, fashionistas, dieters, readers & a myriad of other people can get a glimpse of creative inspiration by looking at what their peers are looking at and learning from. (in a most non-creepy, non-stalkerish way, of course!) :)
naysayer's would say it's the biggest time suck because you never actually "do" any of the stuff you pin...
oh contraire, haters :)
I am now the proud owner of homemade angry bird plushies, crayon art & wall art that otherwise would never have been created by spending time doing pinteresting things with my crafty kids! :)
yes, there are some dud recipes I've tried, but overall...some really creative good stuff to try out!
some might even say it's the creative type's answer to fantasy football. ;)
but whatever you say or have heard about, I'm telling you I love it!
if you're on there let me know to follow you...I LOVE new inspiration!
or if you want a glimpse into my crazy-town mind follow me here! :)
here's a few of my latest favorite pins...

happy pin-ning! :)


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