so proud! :)

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

You may remember her from this post...but she is no longer just the pretty face in front of the lens!
(how I am related to the beauty queen is something I'll never understand) :)
But now she is behind it too!
Elizabeth Ann Photography even got a front row nod from The Pioneer Woman - Ree Drummond in this weeks "green challenge". If you're in the colorado springs area, you should definitly look her up for a photography session!  SO proud! :)

just one more peek... :)

I'm super excited about posting this wedding and am almost done!  Here's one more "peek" before the real deal!

the way to my heart ;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my friend over at Swatchbook Weddings has inspired me to post about shoes.  she posts some of the most fabulous shoes every tuesday.
and apparently "tuesday shoesday" is kind of a club.

so here's to me joining a new club! :)

at almost every shoot with kreatid photography + design I try and sneak a few feet/shoe shots in. 


because that's simply how I love affair with feet/shoes is not in a creepy Mr. Deeds butler kind of a way, I just simply L.O.V.E. shoes!
all kinds.
uggs, steve madden, guess, nina, betsey johnson...they're all beautiful.
let's put it this way...the way to a man's heart might be through his stomach.
the way to my heart is through my feet. :)

here's a few of my submissions for the newly joined club of "tuesday shoesday"!

i ♥ faces - "black & white drama"

Sunday, March 28, 2010

not being a super big fan of "drama" in my life made this challenge...well, it was a challenge! :)  but there is always drama in has to evoke emotion - thus creating the drama!  and this picture definitly conjurs up emotions for me...this picture is like a pause button for my life right now...a peaceful, content memory forever frozen in time.

I think that for this weeks challenge the coloring is what makes the image dramatic.  I like that you can see the people strolling on the pier and that you can almost hear the waves crashing on the beach. (and since all i heart faces needed was to be able to tell that there was a person in the picture, no close up's this week!)

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chocolate ringlets + toes :)

Thursday, March 25, 2010

I walked away from this shoot smiling from ear to ear.
I met three cool adults who were more than encouraging of what I do!
I became friends with a little girl that has the most beautiful chocolate ringlets I've ever seen.
And I got to play "chase" for an hour with a little boy who simply loved life and r.a.n. after it!
This shoot also made me realize why I enjoyed teaching preschool so much a couple years back.  Four year olds say the funniest things and love to tell you anything just to get you to listen.  and they love to play games...peek-a-boo, twirl contests, toe counting, I spy...too cute!  the two beautiful four year olds had my attention and I simply loved the pictures that came from this shoot...enjoy!


Wednesday, March 24, 2010

I have been waiting for this little man to come!
and have seriously enjoyed looking at all his little parts that his mommy sent me to include in his baby announcement!

how is it that you can love someone so much and you've never even met yet?!
well I do...and I am announcing the arrival of my newest nephew Hayden Daniel!

you may remember my sister-in-law's shoot from the beginning of the year (here)...super fun for me to get to design these for her and love how they turned out!  can't wait to meet him this summer! :)

from this in january....

to this! :)

logo is a funny word.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it is.
say it s.l.o.w.
yeah, it's funny. :)

but these logo's are not funny. :) they are for my sister's brand new-amazing-super cool-awesome-totally cool website!  not only is she super talented in photography (if you're in the colorado springs area - you should totally set up a session with her!) but she has amazing taste in designing a her colors + layout and am pretty jealous of her shopping cart option...not gonna' lie. :) 

so I was super honored/happy that she let me help with the design of her new logo!  I'm learning that branding is pretty important in this business and my sister is pretty cool and has a lot of facets to her I designed five options for her to pick...and oddly enough, the five people we showed it to all picked the were some of the options:

this one was just a smidge to girly for me, she can hold her own in a dark alley ;)

then this one just didn't have enough zhoosh to it...but was kinda funky/cool...

this one was just pretty much only the dark side of yess...but I still like it.
in a creepy kind of a way. :)

this one was simply not her.  don't get me wrong...she can totally dress up and look the part of proper lady...a hot, proper lady at that ;)  but this just did not fit her for every day...

this last one is the winner.  totally suits her personality...modern, but still a little bit funky/ecclectic...and definitly cool with clean lines...

so check out her site and let her know what you think of it and don't forget to add her blog to your feeder + to add her on twitter (she's kind of a newbie there and needs new cool friends - like you!)

too lovely...

Monday, March 22, 2010

I love my sister and these two beautiful girls SO much.
my sister is my friend.
my sister is beautiful.
my sister is a great mom...
and she's super disciplined and an amazing runner...
and I admire her very much...

and josie is my ruckus and always will be.
she can't be fourteen now.  it's just not allowed. :)
I vividly remember her learning to walk by the river.  I remember her toddling around after us.  I remember holding her on my lap while I practiced piano and her trying to play with.  yes, I love her.  and she is lovely...a little TOO lovely.  she is beautiful on the outside just as much as she is on the inside...and I totally sound motherly saying that, but it's true. :)

then there's my lanie-bug. 
is she really eleven?  where did the little round two year old go?  she is a lady now.  she is the one who patiently plays with maddie and lets her have all the littlest pet shop toys that she is too big to play with now.  she is the one making us belly laugh with her funny voices and faces.  she's the first one to help serve at family gathering just because.  but look at her!  she's stunning with her dimples + dark, dark hair that has red highlights in it when the sun hits it...too pretty.  just too pretty. :)

happy birthday to you both and thank you kate, for letting me capture these! :)

i ♥ faces - focusing on angles

Sunday, March 21, 2010

I love getting to participate in these challenges using pictures I've already taken.
not that I don't like a new photo shoot simply for the challenge...but it lets me go through previous shoots and remember the moments I had with the people in the pictures. :)

this girl is my friend.
this girl is a gifted writer.
she makes me smile when she see's the colors that life has to offer.
in this picture she looks like a grown up alice from "alice in wonderland" to me...
or maybe drew barrymore in her early years.
this girls senior pictures seem like yesterday.
yes, this girl is my friend and I love her. :)

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phat straps, steve madden + allergies :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

oh. my. goodness.
crazy two weeks...a twin photoshoot, a summercamp design, a business card design, a baby annoucnement design, a sweet sixteen design, travel to houston for a wedding (AH-mazing), spring break with the kids, help with a website design + cap it off with a shoot with my sister and neices today!  PHEW! 
but am I happy?
do I love this?
heck, yes. :)

this fridays favorites + not so muches...

favorite #1
bludomain...they just make awesome user-friendly sites that look AWESOME!  secret to me...I would love to learn the smartness to design + create a site like this without a template...some day :)

favorite #2
my brand new wrist strap by phat strap!  it's the damask black + white print w/ hot pink minky...cause' that's how I roll ;)  I really like the company my funky camera for custom camera straps too...but needed a rush order for the wedding in houston last week and they could ship the fastest and I love it! :)

favorite #3
steve madden shoes.  any. kind.  they are my favorite and I just love them.  and when you buy them you feel extra snazzy because they put them in a super cute's just lovely.  plus, the weddings colors were navy blue + coral so these went perfect!  love them! :)  and love the cork wedge!  good stuff :)

and the not-so-muches...dum, da, dum, dum, duuuuummm :)
rude people.  seriously there is not enough time in this world for rudeness.  no one should say "just GO away" to another stranger when the other person is apologizing.  no one should be allowed to not let you in a lane when you're honestly just trying to get over.  no one should be allowed to cover their face the ENTIRE plane ride when you simply have allergies and clearly stated you had allergies (I SERIOUSLY wanted to just WHA-CHOO all over her, but I restrained.)  if you are a rude person...stop it.  seriously.
corned beef + cabbage.  used to be my favorite, but due to unfortunate pregnancies (trust me, NOT a pretty moment in my life)...I simply CANNOT stand the smell any longer.  bummer. 

that's it...just two! :)  have an amazing weekend!

kyle + caroline - sneak peek!

Monday, March 15, 2010

I know I have been absent as of late with this blog, but it's for good reason!  here is the start to many more to come...congratulations again kyle + caroline!

chasing balloons + mighty adventure-ers :)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

today was not a typical day.
I usually go to work first thing after dropping off the kids at school.
not today.
today was a stay at home day with a little girl with a fever + cough.
today was a to-do day around the house.
today was a go to work late day.

today was a fortunate day. :)

coming home from work in the early evening, I saw what a lot of gilbert-onians saw...four beautiful colorful hot air balloons that lit up the ominous sky.  I would never have seen this had I gone about my day normally.  I was coming home because matt had a meeting to go to so I called home and told him to bundle the boy and the girl up because we were going on an adventure...balloon chasing :)

they said they felt like adventure-ers.
like indiana jones chasing after a treasure.

we stop to catch a first look and decide if we're going to keep chasing....
pbsh, of course we do! :)

going RIGHT UNDER! crazy should have heard them shouting "I can EVEN see the fire, mommy!"

the clouds cleared for just a little bit...SO beautiful! :)

the balloons landed at this point of the adventure and we were in a ginormous field by about twenty horses...this one, was SUPER curious about us and trotted over to say hello...we hung out with him for about a half hour...and maddie kept saying that she wanted to be a "vet adventure-er" :)

the mighty adventure-ers...and micah shouted to me...

"mom, LOOK!  It's GOD rays!  heaven is GLOWING!"

and he was right.  it was.
it was a great adventure. :)

i ♥ faces - "jump for joy!"

Monday, March 08, 2010

anyone who has had a photoshoot with me knows that I love feet (not in a weird mr. deeds kind of a way) and I L.O.V.E. the "high school musical" jump :)  here's my take on "jump for joy" this week...

I love that I got to capture this moment!
one, because I love the people in this picture
and two, it make me happy to look at it...
it captures this stage of life and I love it! :)