the way to my heart ;)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

my friend over at Swatchbook Weddings has inspired me to post about shoes.  she posts some of the most fabulous shoes every tuesday.
and apparently "tuesday shoesday" is kind of a club.

so here's to me joining a new club! :)

at almost every shoot with kreatid photography + design I try and sneak a few feet/shoe shots in. 


because that's simply how I love affair with feet/shoes is not in a creepy Mr. Deeds butler kind of a way, I just simply L.O.V.E. shoes!
all kinds.
uggs, steve madden, guess, nina, betsey johnson...they're all beautiful.
let's put it this way...the way to a man's heart might be through his stomach.
the way to my heart is through my feet. :)

here's a few of my submissions for the newly joined club of "tuesday shoesday"!


elizabeth said...

Tuesday shoe day....FUN! I'll look forward to your Tuesday posts! Missed your Friday not so muches last week! Loved the silver wedding shoes...beautiful!

andreajoyce said...

Great, great picks! Love the all*star shot!

kiersten said...

The all*star shot is my favorite. Someone told me the other day they loved my chucks. I said that pairing chucks with a blingy necklace knocks 10 years off my age!!!

Swatchbook Weddings said...

YEAY!!! I am SO excited!!! I love all these pictures & I can't wait to see more of your picks!!


Caroline and Kyle said...

Hi! Yah! I love shoes too! Your pictures are so great! Kyle bought me a "nice" camera for our wedding and I'm excited to use it! Hope all is well!

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