chasing balloons + mighty adventure-ers :)

Tuesday, March 09, 2010

today was not a typical day.
I usually go to work first thing after dropping off the kids at school.
not today.
today was a stay at home day with a little girl with a fever + cough.
today was a to-do day around the house.
today was a go to work late day.

today was a fortunate day. :)

coming home from work in the early evening, I saw what a lot of gilbert-onians saw...four beautiful colorful hot air balloons that lit up the ominous sky.  I would never have seen this had I gone about my day normally.  I was coming home because matt had a meeting to go to so I called home and told him to bundle the boy and the girl up because we were going on an adventure...balloon chasing :)

they said they felt like adventure-ers.
like indiana jones chasing after a treasure.

we stop to catch a first look and decide if we're going to keep chasing....
pbsh, of course we do! :)

going RIGHT UNDER! crazy should have heard them shouting "I can EVEN see the fire, mommy!"

the clouds cleared for just a little bit...SO beautiful! :)

the balloons landed at this point of the adventure and we were in a ginormous field by about twenty horses...this one, was SUPER curious about us and trotted over to say hello...we hung out with him for about a half hour...and maddie kept saying that she wanted to be a "vet adventure-er" :)

the mighty adventure-ers...and micah shouted to me...

"mom, LOOK!  It's GOD rays!  heaven is GLOWING!"

and he was right.  it was.
it was a great adventure. :)


elizabeth said...

for some reason this made me teary eyed. Jen! BEAUTIFUL pics BEAUTIFUL post...give Maddie and Micah a squeeze.

janet said...

Such a fun little story! You should make a book..."the adventures of M&M" would be an instant classic for sure...I happen to know where you can get that published....:)

Lindsey said...

Why do I have "saddle up your horses - we got a trail to blaze - thru the wild blue yonder, of God's amazing Grace - this is a life like no other - this is the great adventure" in my head - steven curtis chapman? anyone? anyone? Cool pics jen!!

Kate the Great: said...

What a fun mommy you are! You should take them on an actual ride someday!! I love the sunsets lately too!!

DC said...

How fun!! I hope I can be a creative mom like you :) Can't wait for those adventures with Hayden. Beautiful pics...Micah looks so much like Matt in that picture, it's crazy. Give them hugs from us!

elizabeth said...

okay Lindsey, I now have that song in my head...sweet.

Nicole said...

Wow! All those are so cool. You have some "mad photo skills" Jen. That horse one reminds me of a picture the Pioneer Woman would take....that or mushrooms. :)

Brit said...

Woow Jen! I remember you telling me two years ago about your beginning interest in photography, playing around with photoshop etc. So fun to see you made a career out of it. Your pictures are gorgeous (so is your official website)!

You might not remember me... I was in your youth group at evbc. I was the one from Belgium. :)

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