phat straps, steve madden + allergies :)

Friday, March 19, 2010

oh. my. goodness.
crazy two weeks...a twin photoshoot, a summercamp design, a business card design, a baby annoucnement design, a sweet sixteen design, travel to houston for a wedding (AH-mazing), spring break with the kids, help with a website design + cap it off with a shoot with my sister and neices today!  PHEW! 
but am I happy?
do I love this?
heck, yes. :)

this fridays favorites + not so muches...

favorite #1
bludomain...they just make awesome user-friendly sites that look AWESOME!  secret to me...I would love to learn the smartness to design + create a site like this without a template...some day :)

favorite #2
my brand new wrist strap by phat strap!  it's the damask black + white print w/ hot pink minky...cause' that's how I roll ;)  I really like the company my funky camera for custom camera straps too...but needed a rush order for the wedding in houston last week and they could ship the fastest and I love it! :)

favorite #3
steve madden shoes.  any. kind.  they are my favorite and I just love them.  and when you buy them you feel extra snazzy because they put them in a super cute's just lovely.  plus, the weddings colors were navy blue + coral so these went perfect!  love them! :)  and love the cork wedge!  good stuff :)

and the not-so-muches...dum, da, dum, dum, duuuuummm :)
rude people.  seriously there is not enough time in this world for rudeness.  no one should say "just GO away" to another stranger when the other person is apologizing.  no one should be allowed to not let you in a lane when you're honestly just trying to get over.  no one should be allowed to cover their face the ENTIRE plane ride when you simply have allergies and clearly stated you had allergies (I SERIOUSLY wanted to just WHA-CHOO all over her, but I restrained.)  if you are a rude person...stop it.  seriously.
corned beef + cabbage.  used to be my favorite, but due to unfortunate pregnancies (trust me, NOT a pretty moment in my life)...I simply CANNOT stand the smell any longer.  bummer. 

that's it...just two! :)  have an amazing weekend!


janet said...

Hope your allergies clear up soon...that is such a plague for you. Amazing that your Dad still loved CB&C...considering that he was the clean-up guy for the unfortunate pregancy incident....;)
Love the pictures of the girls...babes all!

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