logo is a funny word.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

it is.
say it s.l.o.w.
yeah, it's funny. :)

but these logo's are not funny. :) they are for my sister's brand new-amazing-super cool-awesome-totally cool website!  not only is she super talented in photography (if you're in the colorado springs area - you should totally set up a session with her!) but she has amazing taste in designing a website...love her colors + layout and am pretty jealous of her shopping cart option...not gonna' lie. :) 

so I was super honored/happy that she let me help with the design of her new logo!  I'm learning that branding is pretty important in this business and my sister is pretty cool and has a lot of facets to her character...so I designed five options for her to pick...and oddly enough, the five people we showed it to all picked the winner...here were some of the options:

this one was just a smidge to girly for her...trust me, she can hold her own in a dark alley ;)

then this one just didn't have enough zhoosh to it...but was kinda funky/cool...

this one was just pretty much only the dark side of yess...but I still like it.
in a creepy kind of a way. :)

this one was simply not her.  don't get me wrong...she can totally dress up and look the part of proper lady...a hot, proper lady at that ;)  but this just did not fit her for every day...

this last one is the winner.  totally suits her personality...modern, but still a little bit funky/ecclectic...and definitly cool with clean lines...

so check out her site and let her know what you think of it and don't forget to add her blog to your feeder + to add her on twitter (she's kind of a newbie there and needs new cool friends - like you!)


elizabeth said...

And this crazy lady...loves her awesome new logo...you rock in big big ways. Love you!

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