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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

do colors evoke emotion out of you?
I can't be the only one... :)
put on a red hat or dress or even better red high heel shoes and how do you feel?
                                                                      sassy! :)
or how about brilliant blueblue as the ocean in greece?
                                 calm and collected.
and green...ah, green.  my "go to" color.  it's my absolute favorite. :)  they say it's the new red. ;)
                                                 the world is right when I wear green...confident.
to me the emotion yellow brings out is obvious!
                      cheerful! :)

but what about brown?
                            for the last ten years, brown has most definitely grown on me.
                  mostly because of the person I associate with brown.
                             it's warm.  it's inviting...
                                                 it's calm.  and just a smidge spicy. ;)

you've met these people before.  they are my friends.  my dear friends.
                  friends who have simply become family...and I love them.   tremendously.

and p.s.  they ROCK the brown.  definitely spicy.  ;)


elizabeth said...

What a beautiful shoot! Def spicy! Love the little boy's eyes! :)

Rachel Olimb said...

Oh my gosh, I LOVE these!!!

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