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Monday, December 06, 2010

you would SO be laughing at me right now if you were sitting with me at my desk.
I feel like I've stopped and started a million and four things to say about her.
"remember the time..."
"and then we laughed until we cried..."
"oh man, were they ever angry that time!"
yup, you'd be laughing...but I still wouldn't know how to put into words the way I feel about her.

there is a couple songs that have become "her" songs to me.  okay, more than a couple. ;)
if I'm in a funny mood it's "500 miles".
if I'm in a nostalgic mood it's "strawberry wine".
then there's "empire state of mind"; "red wine"; "crimson & clovers"; "the theme from beaches"...
she'd get me to dance like a spaz in our room growing up...she just brings it out you.
and to this day if I hear mary chapin carpenter's "only a dream", it can bring me to tears.
I'm not even sure why we knew that song...but it will forever be hers.

and yet, we're so very, very different...obviously in looks  
                                                       (I had serious issues thinking I was adopted growing up.  seriously.) :)
but where I'm the gold-star getter,
      she's the chill one saying "you do it better, jenny"
                                                 (but not because she couldn't get the gold-star - just because she didn't feel like it.)
where I'm the OCD straight line follower,
          she's the one saying "why the heck NOT color outside the lines?!"
and when I want to quit, OH when I want to quit...
       she's the first one in line to encourage me to keep going.

yup, I love her.  a lot.
tenacious. fierce. sunshine. and one who I am privileged to call one of my closest friends.
yup.  I just love her.  :)

P.S. she is an amazing photographer who captures b.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l. images of my niece and nephew on a regular basis...but getting pictures of her and her man are hard to come by seeing as SHE is the one typically with the here are some of the images I got to capture of HER and her man.  LOVE you!  :)

he loves me taking a bazillion pictures.
you can see it in his eyes.  yup, he loves me. ;)


Kate the Great: said...

I love these. The one of Jon glaring at you made me laugh. You forgot about the guns n roses song...every rose has it's thorn... Very, very fun. miss them.

elizabeth said...

Oh WOW! Jen, I'm pretty sure everyone would be laughing at me right now...tears streaming down my face. Love you and LOVE the pics you captured for us. It was simply SO fun to watch you "work". Making Jon smile the way you did. Perfect. I simply Love you right back!

Dawn said...

LOVE the pictures :) How time flies....

janet said...

You consider yourself an OCD "straight line" follower? That is news to me...I see you as incredibly creative. And who was the "they" that got really angry??? The blend of personalities God put into our family was so perfect...what each of us lacked was supplied by another...made life so very fun & interesting!

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

love em!

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