more than friends :)

Thursday, December 10, 2009

again, I stare at the screen at a loss for words.
I love these people.
plain and simple they are family to me.

jonas is SO fun to hang out with.  I've known him since the womb days. :)  our kids have been in diapers together, shared germs together, played hard together and love him like another brother.  he is becoming more and more a little man.  he has the best stories and loves to talk - but still is ALL boy!  I love this boy.

brett has seen entirely too many of my grossest moments...
and he still calls me friend.  :) 
so I know that his friendship is for life.  he is a person that if matt isn't available, I know he'd drop anything and come help without thinking twice about it...always the southern gentleman. :)

and ronda...she is one of my absolute closest friends.
the kind of friend that has seen your guts - the grody kind that you try and keep hidden from all the rest of the world.  and she smiles at you and loves you anyways...and walks with you and helps sharpen the areas that you try to leave alone...all without being pushy...and then she calls you "precious". :)
she is my friend.  my armor bearer.  and I love her.


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