Sunday, January 01, 2012

*this post comes with a warning before you dive in...there's a lot of images.  no really, a lot. :) *

it's fairly apparent that I've hit the pause button with kreatid since I've been on vacation.
I assure you, it's a purposeful pause. :)
a pause to collect my thoughts that seem to be unable to stop in everyday life,
to take an inventory of the images from the previous year,
and turn and take deliberate steps into the new year.
somewhat cliche, I know...
but it's how I do.
it helps me focus and find new direction after a crazy busy season where cohesive thought seems lost.
it's my retrospect. :)


so, thank you.
no, really.
thank you.
thank you for the 57,106 page loads,
for inspiring 152 blog posts,
for being one of the many clients/families/weddings I got to photograph/design for.
thank you for trusting me with you...your photographs...your memories.
thank you for allowing me to be creative even when you couldn't see the photograph but simply trusted that I could.
thank you for inspiring me to be better.
thank you.


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