Monday, January 02, 2012


I told you yesterday that I have purposely hit the pause button on kreatid for a reason.
next to rest, the largest reason is to take a step back at kreatid and to improve it...
I'm a firm believer that a person is NEVER done improving ones self.
and I am in no way shape or form an authority on wisdom,
but I know enough about it to know that you're never really done learning and growing.  ever.
so whether it be as a photographer, designer or even just me being me,
if I'm not improving/learning, I am stagnant.

*enter deep thoughts* :)

a primary goal for twentytwelve is to be focused.
in every facet of my life, to work hard at being focused.

the beginning of being focused with kreatid is having this statement that gives me direction.
not only does this statement verbally explain why I picked the name "kreatid" as my business name,
but it gives me a firm foundation to grow as a creative individual...
it's not about me, it's about Him and how He's made me to be.
the statement is from a designer that I really admire:

"I believe God created us in His image, and created us with the ability to create things.
I find it really motivating that when we photograph/design things,
we’re doing a small version of what God was doing when He made everything,
when he sat back and said “it is good”.
God is the best photographer/designer and can provide the best inspiration.
I like to see photography/design as a way of honouring God and the creativity that he gave us."

when I read this I gasped audibly.
this. is. me.
this. is. kreatid.  :)
so now that I have direction where do I go from here regarding kreatid?

becker said in a recent interview that a brand is "a persons perception or what they think of you."
this past month I've been selectively asking friends and people that I admire what they think when it comes to my brand.
sort of an informal focus group just for me.
kind of scary and a bit like standing in room naked and having people tell you where you need to improve,
but necessary for the next step in kreatid and the outcome genuinely made me laugh. :)
every. single. person.
said I had great images/designs
BUT that my brand was slightly "too busy" and didn't really convey who I was as a creative.
their thoughts surprisingly lined up with what I was already thinking.

*enter focus*

I like my name.
I thought about changing it to incorporate my personal name...
but I've been at this for three years and even though it's hard to is what it is and I really like it.
I like that I'm getting more consistent shooting and that I'm working into my own "style" of shooting.

BUT I'm not 100% on my brand...
so I'm going to rework all of it. :)
yup, gonna blow it up a bit.
it's a bit daunting, but I feel sure that this facet in my life is present for me from Him.
I need to treat it with excellence and to work hard at it.

so here I go, on day two of twentytwelve.
off to do work and work hard. :)

p.s. if any of you "stalkers" have any constructive thoughts to add, I'd love to hear them! :)


PIXbyemily said...

jen. i SO have enjoyed following - ok stalking - you on this journey over the years (years? really? yup!) and i am genuinely giddy about seeing what you do with this 'focus'ed growth spurt. you always have, and i have no doubt that as you continue to BE YOU, it will inspire the socks off us peeps fortunate enough to witness it all.

Nikki said...

"'s not about me, it's about Him and how He's made me to be..." I would like to adopt this as my... twenty-12 mantra! bless you on your journey. xo

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