mirror opposites

Thursday, December 22, 2011

opposites have a funny way of working well together
but still make you appreciate each entity on its own at the same time.

that quote:
"a sister is both your mirror and your opposite."
is so true when it comes to my older sister and I...whom I love and admire tremendously.
she is the "monica" of our relationship...
she likes things clean,
she has better taste in clothes - not following trends but looking for actual style,
and she gets things done on a regular basis - on time and more than likely alphabatized. :)
wheras me?
I'm cool with things taking their time getting clean,
I have made several fashion faux pas' over the years
(the vest and overall season were not a good season for me) :)
and I take my time gettting things done until the last minute - more than likely not alphabatized. :)
but somehow our differences work well together.

these girls that I got to photograph are no different than my sister and I.
it was genuinely amusing and fun to capture these two opposite personalities
that so strongly reminded me of my own sister...
each unique and gorgeous and so very fun to photograph on this beautiful afternoon. :)

I got the next pose idea from the cover of "cats & dogs"...inspiration REALLY is everywhere. :)
but it made me laugh thinking of my older sister and I and the "moments" we had
that have now become funny "only MY sister" stories now that we're adults. :)
these girls went with my request and it was a challenge to get them to not smile for a frame :)


Kate the Great: said...

haha. Alphabatized. That's funny because I was almost going to do that to my DVD movies that are piling up. But then, I asked myself, What would Jen do? And I realized, she'd make time for more important things, and just have fun. Love you. Great pictures as always, and I love the Let it snow sign!

Julie said...

What gorgeous photos. I love the light you had with the sisters. It makes these photos look so warm and inviting.

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