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Monday, June 06, 2011

I've been learning a lot about business lately.
and thinking about the direction and vision I have for kreatid...
there's a quote that I read that is sticking with me...

"I know that for me to be 'successful'
              I have to redefine that term for myself and
set a very clear vision for the way
                                        that I would measure my achievement."

success is going to be different for each person.
which got me thinking onto twitter and the people I've met on might have heard of it?
it's this social networking site.  :)
it's a place where you hear of others achievements, journeys, thoughts and even, art, fitness, app development,'s all there on this one site.
kinda like facebook but in 140 characters or less.

but often I wonder what the point of this social networking site is?
and the thought that I am struck with more and more,
is that "social networking" is really nothing more than a more
sophisticated replica of high school relationships...

let me digress a little...and not in a bad way...
simply in kind of in an observant, somehwhat :) unbiased kind of a way.
here are some of the "typical" groups you would find in most high schools nowadays...

the "jocks".
guys and girls with a bit more God given testosterone.
sports or athleticism comes a bit more easy for them than most.
good genes = good looks
typically more on the extroverted side of life with a fast moving social life on the weekends.
makes them particularly charismatic and good at being a professional...a certain sense of swagger comes with this group and not necessarily in a bad way.  and they don't typically tweet a whole lot.  mostly because they are out living the life that most of us simply talk about doing, but also because they're not quite sure that something called twitter where you tweet about your life is really all that cool of thing to be doing.  therefore it's usually done in moderation but done more often when they travel when they see a milder importance to tweets.
in my twitter feed these people would most likely be (but definitely not boxed in):
@jillianmichaels, @JDMcLelland, @Ricc_Stewart,

the "indie" group.
this group has mophed over the is now more kosher to say "hipster" if you're not of the indie persuasion.  and if you are in fact typically don't want to labeled as hipster...its offensive.
but it doesn't change the fact that you are indeed indie AND most likely a hipster. :)
multiple piercings can be associated with this is colorful permanent ink in all sorts of places.
independent coffee and gelato shops are a must to frequent.  also, being green is important.  and you must have a cause or charity that you care about...typically a far off african cause.
you very much enjoy the arts and can often be seen with a camera...but you don't necessarily like the term "photographer" - you just like to make art.  listening to the latest underground bands is a must...and some sort of bicycle or scooter is the mode of transportation preferred by this group.
in my twitter feed these people would most likely be (but definitely not boxed in):
@bobrox, @promisetangeman, @ModCloth, @maventheavenger, @thejakers, @getnickeled,

the "nerds".
these people are quickly becoming cooler and cooler thanks to technology.  they're the ones creating your latest and greatest apps for the ever present iphone.  geek chic - pronounced sheek, if you will.  finally all those a+'s in math class are paying off in coding for cutting edge applications and programs.  and because of this pay off, your 80's tshirts are now seriously cool.  your style geek chic is being copied by some of the other groups allowing your cool status to be elevated even further.  and thanks to the "indie" group, your love of 10-speed bicycles have become socially applauded be a part of a bike gang is not something that will cause the back alley beat down anymore, but rather allow you to be a part of a gang without fear of bodily harm in an eco positive way.
in my twitter feed these people would most likely be (but definitely not boxed in):
@ruhanirabin, @Mashable, @MayhemStudios

the "cheerleaders".
these are the ultimate mommies and/or businesswomen now.  the still gorgeous cheery women of this group more than likely grew up to be uber-soccer mom's or are online blog moguls.  if they have kids, they can whip a baby Bjorn around themselves with a perfectly french manicured hand in two seconds flat.  managing a household, maintaining a fit figure, creating new recipes, saavily (it's not a word yet, but I totally just made it a verb.) blogging are some of the prerequisites to being a grown up version of this group.  and if you're head cheerleader?  you run your own company ranging from etsy stores filled with adorable headbands to adorn your sweet kids heads to a company that is simply one of Oprah's favorites.
in my twitter feed these people would most likely be (but definitely not boxed in):
@CarterandCook@BeckyHigginsLLC, @WhippyCake, @PlumPrettySugar

then there are the people who I think are just imaginary twitter friends if you will.
I've never met these people, but the pieces of themselves that they share in twitterland make me think I know them better than I do...therefore an imaginary friend. :)  I follow them because more than likely they live life out loud and are living a life that I admire.
in my twitter feed some of these people are:
@JasmineStar@simplybloom, @AngieArthur and numerous others :)

so where does that leave me with social networking?
happily learning from the success' of others and figuring out what my "measure of achievement" is...


elizabeth said...

Fun Post! Made me laugh... ;p

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

haha! well, thanks, i think! :D

Kayce Smith said...

Haha...this made me laugh! Totally married to one of those "nerds" on twitter! :)

PIXbyemily said...

SO diggin' this blog post...but i'm still trying to figure out where i fit in. i did back then too.

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