because you said yes...

Thursday, June 02, 2011

he is not known to others for being a softy.
rather the opposite...but he loves me and knows me like no other.
he came home specifically to give me flowers, smiled and said:
                "...because you said yes twenty years ago..."

I never dreamed that twenty years ago I would be married to the boy who asked:

                        "jenny, will you go out with me?"

I was thirteen.  in a jean skirt and keds.
He was fourteen.  he couldn't even drive yet... :)
and we wouldn't go on an actual date until October of 1991.

but today, twenty years ago, is the day our story began...all because "you said yes." :)

this is from a scrapbook (yes, an ACTUAL scrapbook with cut out letters from magazines...yes, that is how old I am.) I gave him our junior year of high school...he's my best friend...always has been, always will be. :)

and a rare drawing from the talented dawn covill ;)  yes dawn, I STILL have it. :)


amber simanton said...

How precious and sweet! :)

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

that is too seriously adorable.

Rachel Olimb said...

The sweetest post ever!!!

elizabeth said...

So cute! Love you guys and congrats to you...20 years. WOW!

Dawn said...

OK, did you really have to do that? Really? Seriously, I am laughing so hard right now. I forgot about that picture and my attempt at artistry....for the record, I don't even try anymore. But, it does bring back a lot of sweet memories. seemed a lot simpler then :) Happy Anniversary, a little late!

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