my anna :)

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

she likes cats.  not in a crazy cat lady way...just in a lovely girl kind of a way. :)
when she laughs it's because her smile has gotten so big it explodes into happy noise.
my daughter adores's amusing for me to watch their relationship continue and find balance...
          when they are together somehow she becomes younger in a playful way
                      and maddie becomes older in their unique relationship :)
she notices nuances that most people overlook.
I simply love her and love the woman that she is and is becoming.


elizabeth said...

Ah love these! Love Anna! And LOVE the frame shot with her coming through it...too cool!

Anonymous said...

aw...she is adorable! Love the 1st one with her joy exploding! :D And love that you got that red chair out again, I missed it! :D

<3 Kathe!

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