unforgettable. :)

Thursday, March 31, 2011

unforgettable.  (click here to be swept away) :)
seriously, can that man croon?
what must it have been like to dance cheek to cheek to this song in 1951?
where fancy dancing dresses swirled and orchestras were magical...
what an incredible moment that must have been.

"...that's why darling
                     it's incredible that someone so unforgettable,
       thinks that I am unforgettable too..."

but what would be even more incredible?
is to have gotten to live, laugh (a lot) and love a lifetime with the one person who is unforgettable to you.

these two. :)
their eyes crinkled and softened when they looked at each other...
they laughed big at each other keeping a comfortable witty banter teasing each other...
he put his arm around her
         when she told me the story of her recently passed away mothers ring on her hand...
to put it simply, it was incredibly apparent that they were most definitely unforgettable to each other.
and it was a pleasure to have gotten to capture these unforgettable two... :)


janet said...

Oh man...you and Betz are both hitting some emotional spots with your words & photography lately....these are beautiful!

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