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Monday, March 21, 2011

it's the week after spring break.
the monday after spring break.
and it's raining.

that seems like an oxy-moron to me today.

I love the really, really love the rain.
I crave it more now that I live in a desert most of the time.
and monday's I usually like because they signify a new week to me...
                                                         almost like a mini new years day, if you will. :)
a chance to pick yourself up and start fresh....with new determination and resolve.

well, I started the day celebrating my mini new years day...but then the reality of to-do lists, phone calls, emails, reports, paperwork and a whole lot of life pin pricked my mini new years bubble.

but then, I read something the resonated with me
            as I clutched my slowly deflating mini new years bubble...

"dying for something is heroic;
in the rare case that it happens, you go down in a blaze of glory, clutching to your cause.
nice work if you can get it. years later, brad or angelina will play you in the movie.

but living for something, really living for something can be mundane - and therefore far more sacrificial, because seldom does anyone else notice. you just go on living, beating the drum for the thing you've chosen to value above all else.

genuinely living for something, day after day,
                       is much more valuable than the blaze of glory at the end." 

there's discipline in the mundane.
there's character to be had in the day to day.
there's joy to be found in the day to day.

spring breaks happiness in the day to day seems like years ago on this rainy monday.
the zoo, the play time, the hiking, the new cube, the mini vacation...
I know that it wasn't years ago...but it feels like it.

it was a good week...

I want one for my backyard.  seriously.  I would call him Moses.  really. :)

if you stand really can hear the wind whisper...

"mommy, it looks like I'm really strong, huh?!" :)

even though she scared me to death falling head first into a rock,
pretty cute moment with her daddy right after... :)

it was super...for you adrienne. :)

so now?
now I am going to sit back and enjoy the echo's of last week.
and then I'm going to go walk in the last few rain showers of the day and look for a rainbow.

tomorrow is a new day...
tomorrow, I get another opportunity to find joy in the mundane...
         and that is much more valuable than a blaze of glory. :)


Kate the Great: said...

Loved everything you said. Keep beating that drum...I'm right there with you. And I'm here for you too. Love you.

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