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Monday, March 28, 2011

have you ever watched a movie and have it tug at something in your heart so strongly?
this movie did just that to me...
maybe because I've know matt since I was nine,
or maybe because I can relate to the craziness of ellie as a girl,
or maybe because I feel like I am living out my own up...
whatever the reason, I simply LOVE this movie.

so when the opportunity came to photograph these two...this movie was the first thought I had.
I couldn't help but wonder during this session what it must feel like to be almost ninety
and have lived and loved life together creating a lifetime of adventures...

it made me smile...and made me think of my matt.
I simply love living the adventure I get to live with him...
and seeing these two makes me smile thinking of the next sixty years that
I get to spend living and loving life with him. :)


janet said...

So very sweet! I've never seen the movie...but now I'll have to...sounds like one I would enjoy.

luci said...

these are brilliant.
LOVE them =)

elizabeth said...


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