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Friday, March 18, 2011

there are some people in life who think they are cooler than they really are.
then, there are some people in life who simply don't know how cool they are.
and then still, there are some people in life who don't care how cool they are
                                  and it just makes them cooler for not really caring about coolness...
this is that person.  seriously.  :)

he drives a 66' ford mustang that he enjoys restoring when he has the money for it.
he has the look of james dean with the sweetness of a southern gentleman.
he'd never tell you, but he has some serious guitar skills that rival some of my favorites.
           and not the kind of guitar skills that everyone says they have.
                         nope, genuine skills.

but my most favorite thing about this guy?
is that in a world of boys simply content on remaining boys...
      he cares more about what it means to be a man.

don't get me wrong...he has some of the driest, fly-under-the-radar wit I've ever heard...
and the stories he tells me about the pain he and his brother and friends inflict on each other
                                                 just for fun of it makes me wince...

but after all that...
I have definite respect and admiration for who he is.
and seriously, I cannot wait to see what God does with him. :)

and simply because she's gorgeous and I made her let me...his beautiful mom. :)


elizabeth said...

wow! seriously one of my all time favs of yours. awesome.

PIXbyemily said...

oh Miss Jen! you took me back with this first car was a '66 mustang - total beater!, but my pops suprised me on my 16th bday, big red bow and all. we spent a couple years fixin' it up together. good times! wish I had someone like you around then to capture those days! AHmazing set here friend!

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