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Thursday, March 03, 2011

merah muda.
say it.  it's fun. :)
I don't believe you said it out loud for real...seriously.  say it.  it's fun. :)

but what does it mean?!
it means that misha is awesome. :)  merah muda means pink in indonesian.  her husband was born in bali and it's one of her favorite words to say in indonesian.

but who is misha?
misha is a wife, mother and artist. she works as a freelance motion graphic designer in los angeles while building her merah muda brand. misha's love of design, sewing and photography all combine in one awesome package that I had the privelage to photograph (with the help of my two lovely models.) :)  misha contacted me about a month ago to see if I would be interested in photographing her bags that she designs and creates.
pbsh...yes! :)
I simply LOVE how she upcycles fabrics and tshirts that she buys from remnant shops, goodwill and garage sales...SUPER cool! :)

see I told you she was awesome. :)
check out her bags on her etsy shop or her blog to see more of what she's up to!

love that luci was my model...I haven't gotten to photograph her since her senior pic's!
beautiful lady and beautiful friend. :)

and my kid model?'s my peanut!
oh my goodness she had too much fun!
merah muda is definitely her style and she had fun rocking the bags :)

you didn't think she'd be all serious the whole time, did you? :)


elizabeth said... this! Those bags are awesome. Great shoot Jen!

janet said...

Whoa! I'm not ready for Maddie to start looking grown-up! Beautiful photos as always...those bags are darn cute!

Kate the Great: said...

Me neither! Maddie looks like a model though!! And Lucy...beautiful pictures.

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