Wednesday, March 02, 2011

 *vintage picture credit to emily johnston.  thank you emily!*

vintage = of lasting interest and importance.

this last weekend I had the privilege to photograph an eighty eight year old couple.

already thinking about this months challenge,
with the definition of vintage fresh in my mind I couldn't help hearing the words:

"...of lasting interest and importance..."

those words resonated in my mind as I snapped my shutter.
think about it...they're eighty eight.  eighty freaking eight. :)
still interested in each other...of value to each other...of great importance.
there's a certain regal-ness to that word.
sure, the skin might be weathered...the paint might be peeling...
but, it's stood the test of time.
not many things do any more.

so that it.
that is this month's kreatid challenge.  vintage.
what is of lasting interest and importance to you?

and what do you get for this month's kreatid challenge [vintage]?
I am SUPER excited for this month's prize! 
heather hurzeler (who has participated in previous challenges) has generously donated
the Johnny Carson "gentlemen's bag" from her shop!


heather is seriously, crazy amazing creative!  she completely "Sew-Over-It" style refashioned this vintage 70's suit from the Johnny Carson line into a sassy, classy and totally practical messanger bag.  PLUS, she also included a "Photographers Emergency Kit" (tissue pack, bobby pins, safety pins, mini sissors, suckers, etc.) inside for this month's winner!

so how do you win this awesome prize?
*head over to the kreatid fanpage wall ("like" it first if you haven't already) and upload your vintage image.
*get your friends and family to like/comment on your image.  each like/comment counts as a vote.
*you can get "extra" votes by "liking" heather's fanpage; or by uploading your image to the kreatid challenge flickr group; or by tweeting about this challenge (mention @jendriesbach so I know you tweeted)
*on march 28th, I'll tally the votes and announce the winner!

good luck and I can't wait to see what you capture for the kreatid challenge [vintage]! :)


Cindy said...

that is a really great unique...

love your blog!!

hugs, cindy

elizabeth said...

OH my goodness! LOVE LOVE LOVE that bag! So cool!

PIXbyemily said...

Jen you are so AH-some! thx for featuring my take on vintage. so honored to be a part of 'this' challenge too. i heart all things vintage.

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