the main thing.

Friday, February 11, 2011

 my dad has this quote.

"keep the main thing, the main thing."

I have to be honest...that is SUPER hard for me.
I like too many things.
there I said it.  I do.
for me life is a mostly colorful world of "want to's".
photography|design|mommy stuff|wife stuff|friend stuff|knitting|clothes|fashion|computers|photoshop|blogs|pinterest|etsy|baking|low-carb
to name just a few that are catching my eye in this moment.

and again, to be honest...the root of those things I listed that aren't a "main thing" is
my own want's...otherwise known as selfishness.
ew.  yeah, I said the "s" word.  but it's's what it boils down to.
I want to.  not I need to.  not I should.  but only I want. 

now, I know I could make a case for why I should get to do each and every one of those things listed.
I could.  but I won't.  why?  because I learned a little last night.

you see, I love my husband tremendously, in fact.
God has given him unbelieveable wisdom in how to read me and how to be my best friend.
not the kind of best friend that will listen to your vents and hollowly tell you "it's going to be okay."
but the kind of best friend that looks you in the eye and tells you
"stop." and then shows you a better way because he love's you.  tremendously, even.

he asked me a funny question/statement last night.
"why is it that I feel you're this race horse that I'm constantly having to tether because you don't know that if you continue to run at the pace that you set for yourself you're only going to end up hurting yourself and possible the things you claim are the "main thing"?"

um, wow...race horse?  really?

I thought about it and have come to the conclusion that he is right.
I, at times, am an out of control, spazzy racehorse.
I need rest.  I need focus.  because honestly, I'm tired and not doing the main things well.

and I am so thankful for a best friend who cares about really loving me.
and for a best friend who can tell me how to find rest.
and for a best friend who is ever so loving to tether my own spaziness.
even when I can't see that I need it. 

and to lighten the seriousness that has now enveloped me and return you to your regular program ;)
I think it's time to watch Secretariat. ;)

happy friday...and good luck keeping your main things, the main things.  :)


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