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Friday, February 11, 2011

better late than never?  so sorry for the delay!

the winners and favorites of this weeks kreatid challenge [whimsical]!

for my favorite and happily also in third place is heather's bird cage photograph...

"My shoe is off. My foot is cold. I have a bird I like to hold."
— Dr. Seuss (One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish)
I think a perfect conceptual execution from this awesome quote of dr. suess!  LOVED it! :)

in second place was Dani's ferris wheel photograph!

"I went to the fair for the first time last year. One thing I forgot is how scared I am of rides that tip me upside down at slow and fast speeds. Then there are heights involved with these fears too. Well I found out my partner in crime had these same fears after we went on terrifying rides I would never go on but he convinced me it was necessary for my experience at the fair. In the end I liked more rides than he did."
love your story, dani and love the colors of this photograph!  :)

and first place this week goes to elizabeth weitz!  she listened to the advice from the previous winners and was smart to enter more than one entry which equals more votes for her!  plus, all the tweeting, flickr'ing and liking helped...just a little. ;)

"make a wish baby..." "anything mom?"  anything.  :)
oh, the eyelashes...beautiful photograph! :)

"for me, umbrellas, flowers, running through fields, balloons...all part of a dreamy state that I wish every one of my photo shoots could be a part of. I think I live in a whimsical world."
I love the texture you added and seriously, who does not love umbrella's...beautiful! :)

great job everyone!  seriously!
and thank you especially to the organic bloom for their amazing prize this week!


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