happy valentine's day :)

Monday, February 14, 2011

happy valentine's day.
or, if you're incredibly "clever" yet somewhat bitter, happy birthday arizona.
or yet still, if you're mildly bitter at those who are happy today...happy single awareness day. :)
but for me and my three valentine's...happy valentine's day. :)

I feel like I've lived three days today...and yet I still feel this compelling need to post this post.
for no other reason than because I said I would.
so I am. :)
but I AM excited.
why?  because of julie.

you see she makes super fun, incredibly unique jewelry.
AND she's pretty awesome at photography...
AND she's from chicago...
AND she loves Jesus...a lot a bit. :)
yup, pretty excited for this weeks challenge...
her prize (the necklace in the photo) goes perfectly with this weeks challenge...

kreatid challenge [body parts]

let me say up front, I do not want to peruse nakedness...nope, that's too easy.
well, not unless it's a photo of PG nakedness of a baby...they're pretty stinking cute. :)
it's a challenge, lovelies...shoot something new...be creative!
hands, feet, eyes, lips...there's a whole lot to be creative with!

let me also state the rules a bit more clearly...
1. you must enter your up to three entries on the kreatid facebook fan page wall.
2. you can earn extra votes by liking julie's facebook fan page or by tweeting (mention @jendriesbach so I know you tweeted!) or by entering on the kreatid challenge flickr group or by comments/likes/favorites on your entries.  it's a pretty fair challenge, more entries/comments = more votes.  I don't exclude people from participating...it's not all about winning, it's about encouraging and inspiring each other.  I don't even choose the winner...YOU do by your votes/like/comments!  so even if you won the previous weeks...good luck with this weeks challenge!  I'll blog about my personal favorite and the top three participants entries after the close of this weeks challenge this friday, february 18th at 12pm MST.
3. have fun!  :)


PIXbyemily said...

luv the necklace. original things made by hand just make my heart flutter! so excited to dive into this challenge.

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