the golden rule. :)

Thursday, February 24, 2011

last night, I told my girls to wonder what peoples stories were.
to not just take people at face value and dismiss them.
they have a story.
what brings people to place they are at when you encounter them?
what baggage did they encounter along their journey?  what victories have they seen?

after this weeks uphill mini-battles...I smiled when I saw this.
I can't choose how people react to me.
but then again, they don't get to choose how I react to them. :)

wonder woman. :)

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

do you remember being an elementary kid in art class growing up?
do you remember your art teacher more specifically?

my art teacher always seemed notorious for having crazy wispy hair
piled high in a knot on top of her head.
with a number 2 pencil stuck in her knot.
her long, flowy to the ground skirt was covered up usually by those big blue smocks.
you know the smocks that look like a stiffer, brighter doctor's office smock?
and adorned on her feet were the "ever present in the 90's" birkenstocks.
yup, birkenstocks + long skirt + blue smock + crazy wispy hair = my art teacher.
but you know what?
even though I was pretty sure craziness ran through her blood,
I thought she was pretty dang amazing.
I remember her bringing in a copy of vincent van gogh's starry night painting.
she then would show us the details in the sky, show us the mix of blues,
the swirls of his paint strokes...and then?
then, she would pull out tempura paint,
hand us a very "loved hard over the years" paint brush and say you try it!
oh, how I would labor over it.  I would try to hold my hand how I thought mr. van gogh might.
I would try to mix my red and blue tempura paints to mix an even deeper bluer, purpler color.
I simply could not wait to finish creating my masterpiece!
and the next day after art class was simply the best.
it was when my art teacher would take all the dry paintings we had created the day before and hang them all along the walls leading to the art room.
I couldn't wait to run and find my masterpiece!  in my eight year old mind it was as if she said,
"this masterpiece jenny?  this one that you made is special. let's hang it up for everyone to see."
granted, e.v.e.r.y.o.n.e.'s. masterpiece was hung, even the kid who mixed his boogers in with the paint...
but it still made me feel special.

that's how I've felt about doing these challenges.
I have loved seeing all of your "masterpieces".
your ability to take a subject and come up with very different conclusions fascinates and inspires me.

unfortunately this week, I received a lot of emails instead of masterpieces.
it's just what happened.
busyness or fatigue or thinking that kreatid challenge [typography] was too hard.
for the busyness or fatigue...I completely understand.
it's a lot being creative each week...and in this weeks case, in a short matter of time.
combine that with kids/house/husbands/families/work/business and
whatever else comes in there and yup, you have tiredness.
which is why I'm rethinking these challenges all together...
thinking that maybe a once a month challenge would be a better idea.
even if I am the only being challenged, it is still worth it to me.

but in response to it being "too hard"?  I disagree.
"it's supposed to be hard.  if it wasn't hard, everyone would be doing it.
                                                                the hard is was makes it great."

I think that is why I am so proud of the two entries I recieved this week.
they stretched themselves.  they looked outside of the box.
they did the "hard".
I'm not even going to make anyone vote this week.
they already won in my book.  they won because they did the "hard".
I didn't think typography would be as challenging as this...I see it everywhere!

and the winners of a canvas of their choosing?
I am proud to say are kate palacios for this amazingly creative wonder woman entry!

kate's words...

"Not all who wonder are lost".  I'm not exactly a "live by a motto kind of girl", but I do find myself doing a lot of wondering in the midst of raising 4 children...what if I did this, what if I tried that, what will life be like when my youngest is in Kindergarten next fall?, what should I be when I grow up?....and so, I still wonder. a lot.
And it just so happens my favorite of all time super hero's is Wonder Woman.  I find myself in a stage where I still a need role model, and though she walks around in star-spangled spankies, she still represents something I dream of achieving someday:
I'd like to hope that whatever my future holds I would have the drive to help others, be truthful to myself, and just give it all I've got....and if you want to toss in a little lasso and invisible jet that would be cool too.  :)"
my words?
for all of you who think that you have to be a photographer in order to particiapte...she so proved you wrong and rocked the house.  seriously kate, you're not a "photographer" but you so are clever and I love to see life through your eyes.   and you are so a "wonder woman" in my book.  love it. :) 

and the other amazing entry by my other lovely sister, elizabeth weitz...seriously love how her brain works!  :)
seriously cool sign language print of one of my most favorites little girls in the world. :)  shows creativity, thought and awesome follow through. :)

so that's it...I haven't reached a conclusion on the future of these challenges...I'd love to hear your thoughts if you had any...and thanks for the inspiration kate and both rock and I love you tremendously. :)

typography. :)

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

update...I've closed this weeks challenge early due to lack of participation...I'd still love to display your "masterpieces" if you had one to show!  just email me if you have an entry...

I am obsessed with typography.  "typo-what?!"

typography [tahy-pog-ruh-fee]
1. the art of type
2. the arrangements of types
3. the general character of apperance of printed matter 
basically, taking letters and arranging them in an artistic way.

and I love this wall paper!

I suppose this week challenges started with one of my own projects...
you see I've been working on this project for like, EH-VER. :)
I have this dream to display each letter of my last name in individual 20x20 canvas' on my front wall in our entryway.  kind of like this:

I have the first two letters...actually the first three I ordered the "i" but it didn't make it in time for this post.  but I keep getting stuck because I want the letters to mean something to me...a special place for each letter.  but since the rest of my house is usually a "work in progress" I'm okay with waiting until the right letters come along and I can photograph them. :)

so what does all this have to do with you?
well, if you'd like to participate in this week kreatid challenge [typography],
it has a lot to do with you!

I know that a lot of you appreciate typography the way I do, but maybe you never put a title to that appreciation.  some of you have wall art with special words displayed in an artful way that are meaningful to you.  others of you (like me) can see beauty in the swooshy diet coke branding...or in the old hotel sign on the side of the road...or maybe it's just one letter for you that you keep coming back to again and again (initials maybe), just because you like it!  THAT'S what I want to see this week...letters and/or numbers that are art to you.

and what do you get for all your artistic work this week?
your very own 8x8 wrapped canvas for YOUR wall from jan stamm's company heritage makers!
this is the company where I print my own personal 20x20 wrapped canvas' and I simply LOVE them.  this online publishing company is perfect for quickly inputting your images and having the ability to produce them into canvas' (like me) :)  or so many other products like storybooks, posters, greeting cards, playing cards, and calendars.  for me, lasting quality is important...yes, you can do similar projects with other online comapnies...but they don't produce the lasting quality that I'm looking for when I'm producing my own images.  yup, I love this company.   jan will work with the winner to design their 8x8 canvas (UV coated, so it won't fade),and have the prize direct-shipped to them.  however, all contestants are welcome to go to her website and open a free basic account just to see what heritage makers is about.  and if you need it, jan will be happy to help each of you learn to make your own projects within your own heritage makers' studio...just drop her a line! :)  check out her website here and her fanpage here. for the rules!  and please remember this is a challenge...I know it's not easy every week, but that's what I love about all the entries so far!  growing in photography IS challenging...but I'm loving the inspiration and sense of community that is coming from you all posting your fabulous entries...I hope you are too! :)

1.  you must email me at your one entry that you photographed within the last six months by wednesday, february 23rd 3pm MST to be entered. I will then label each entry with your name with the story behind the entry (if you have a link, let me know and I'll include it!) then later that wednesday, I'll blog about all your fabulous entries!  I will include a voting poll in the blogpost and you can then direct family/friends to vote for you there!  The contest will close for voting on friday, february 25th at 12pm MST and I will announce the top three voted photographs and a personal favorite shortly after the close.
2. you can get two extra votes if you go to jan stamm's fanpage and "like" her page.  just write on the wall letting me know that you found her through kreatid photography & design...or if you're already a fan...just post that on the wall! :)
3. you can get extra votes if you post your image to the kreatid fanpage wall.  posting to the fanpage wall does not enter you in the only gets you votes.  all the comments/likes will count as additional votes.
4.  you can get an extra votes for each tweet you send out linking people to vote for your photograph on the kreatid blog.  just make sure you link me @jendriesbach to your tweet so I know you tweeted! :)
5.  you can get extra votes if you upload your photograph to the kreatid challenge group on flickr.  all the comments and favorites will count as extra votes.

that's it...I can't wait to see what you come up with! see you all wednesday! :)

craziness. :)

Friday, February 18, 2011

fifteen challengers. (yes, I did just call you a challenger...yowza.)
three hundred sixty eight votes or likes or comments or favorites or tweets.

this week challenge was simply to display [body parts] with your photographic spin on it.
I got to see:
baby feet...
eye balls...
and even dog buns... :)
like I said, craziness...but I am seriously loving these challenges!  you all are amazing!
and thank you for being patient with me as I figure out the best and easiest way for you all to participate!
I think I've got a way figured out.  I guess we'll see how it goes next week! :)

and julie from artsy life on etsy is amazing!
I've had the time to look over her blog, her fanpage, and shop and have come to the conclusion that she is a genuine artist.  her attention to detail and creativity are exactly what I wanted these challenges to be put it simply she inspired ME this week.  super cool chick.  plus, throw in the fact that she generously donated this weeks winner with this amazing necklace from her shop?!  yup, super cool chick. :)

now for the winners of this week kreatid challenge [body parts]!
picking my favorite this week was hard for me...I loved three in particular.  but there was one picture that I kept coming back to again and again because it simply made me smile each time.

kayce smith's adorable photograph of her son.
"all the perfect body parts of a little baby...chubby feet, tiny fingers, button nose, and kissable lips..."
so adorable and SO true. :)

this weeks third place winner (by only six votes!) is angelica rivera's three stunning entries
I loved what she had to say about the above entry...
"this was inspired by the musician Jónsi's music video 'Go Do.' I loved how his eyes and make-up was done had had to focus on the eyes myself. I must admit that the eyes are my favorite part of every person.The eyes alone say over 1,000 words, just like a picture."
not only do I LOVE Jónsi, but I had this exact conversation with my sister this week...
eyes DO tell stories.  love this.

the vivid colors of this one command a full look..great entry!

this one is awesome...not only is it a self-portrait...but the lollipops and lips have to make you smile! :)

second place this week was debbie bower's touching "the craftsman."
" I grew up watching my dad work a piece of leather into a piece of art..."
and I have to add lynne's comment to this one...because it truly is amazing and adds to the emotion of this photograph!
"Debbie, not sure if you remember this, but your dad crafted a special guitar strap for me back in the 90's, which was given to me as a gift from the first church that sent us to Mexico. They had it made for us, so I never had the opportunity to meet the person who made it...Then, one Christmas, after playing at the evbc Christmas Eve service (maybe 2007), he came up from the audience afterward and told me that he remembered making that strap...I was honored to meet him!"

and this weeks winner earned it...not only did she post three amazing entries, but she tweeted, facebook'd, and flickr'd her way to the top this week...seriously LOVE your passion and creativity emily johnston!

"noses. i can't imagine kissing without them!"
so never thought about it from this perspective...but so true!  :)

"fingers n toes 2.0"
love that this represents the entire family...beautiful shot! :)

"this photo represents my ♥ 's prayer. that my boys would know the joy & freedom of being in their Father's hands."
love the happy warmth of this one!  makes me excited for the pool days that are coming soon! :)

thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who participated and especially to julie...this is such a joy for me to get to look at how all of you capture and view life. (or at least body parts this week) :)
looking forward to next week! :)

modern and whimsical. :)

Thursday, February 17, 2011

it's a "not-feeling-great" day for me...
as my daughter puts it "the germs are having a big party in me."
true words, mad. :)

BUT, something that DOES make me feel good is the finished logo design project that
cristy of photography by cristy enlisted me to create for her!
(her finished website will launch on march follow her fanpage for details!)

in her words she wanted something a little:
*playful, whimsical and a bit eclectic
*more nature-y & organic...she liked birds/trees
*to be fun!  give my personality/style upfront...and to put everywhere!
she gravitated to a specific color palette that you can see reflected in the tree,
but the color that stood out to me was the tiffany blue.  simply classy and fun!

here are the first try's that didn't quite make it...
(the grey is just for showing's actually a clear background .png image)

a little more vintage-y...but still somewhat whimsical...

and her favorite and final choice...clean, modern and still slightly whimsical! :)

good luck with your photography business, cristy and I can't wait to see the finished product! :)

I think. :)

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WOW.  there is a lot of interest in this kreatid challenge [body parts]! (this is SO cool!) :)
I've tallied up the fanpage votes and cleaned up my wall a'll still get all the votes from the photo's you've posted...don't worry!

I think (I THINK...said with a great deal of hesitation)
that I've figured out a format that will work for all of us from here on out...

*all entries
(one per person that must have been photographed THAT week - it is after all a challenge)
will be accepted via email the monday the challenge opens to
                                   the wednesday @ noon MST of that same week.
*voting will begin after a post similar to this one is posted after that wednesday noon deadline and will end the friday @ noon MST of that same week.

kreatid challenge [body parts]
the winner this week gets a beautiful necklace from julie @ artsy life on etsy!

the rules (starting next week)...
1. you must email your entry to with the subject line: kreatid challenge.
2. you can earn extra votes by liking kreatid photography & design's fanpage or by liking julie's facebook fan page or by tweeting (mention @jendriesbach so I know you tweeted!) or by entering on the kreatid challenge flickr group or by comments/likes/favorites on your entries.
it's a pretty fair challenge and I don't exclude ANYONE from's not all about winning, it's about encouraging and inspiring each other. I don't even choose the winner...YOU do by your votes/like/comments! so even if you won the previous weeks...good luck with this weeks challenge!
I'll blog about my personal favorite and the top three participants entries after the close of this weeks challenge this friday, february 18th at 12pm MST.
and here are the can vote on the bottom of this post! :)

panel management