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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

WOW.  there is a lot of interest in this kreatid challenge [body parts]! (this is SO cool!) :)
I've tallied up the fanpage votes and cleaned up my wall a bit...you'll still get all the votes from the photo's you've posted...don't worry!

I think (I THINK...said with a great deal of hesitation)
that I've figured out a format that will work for all of us from here on out...

*all entries
(one per person that must have been photographed THAT week - it is after all a challenge)
will be accepted via email the monday the challenge opens to
                                   the wednesday @ noon MST of that same week.
*voting will begin after a post similar to this one is posted after that wednesday noon deadline and will end the friday @ noon MST of that same week.

kreatid challenge [body parts]
the winner this week gets a beautiful necklace from julie @ artsy life on etsy!

the rules (starting next week)...
1. you must email your entry to jendriesbach@kreatid.com with the subject line: kreatid challenge.
2. you can earn extra votes by liking kreatid photography & design's fanpage or by liking julie's facebook fan page or by tweeting (mention @jendriesbach so I know you tweeted!) or by entering on the kreatid challenge flickr group or by comments/likes/favorites on your entries.
it's a pretty fair challenge and I don't exclude ANYONE from participating...it's not all about winning, it's about encouraging and inspiring each other. I don't even choose the winner...YOU do by your votes/like/comments! so even if you won the previous weeks...good luck with this weeks challenge!
I'll blog about my personal favorite and the top three participants entries after the close of this weeks challenge this friday, february 18th at 12pm MST.
and here are the entries...you can vote on the bottom of this post! :)

panel management


Julie said...

I can't wait to see who wins! All of them are so creative!! Good luck everyone! :)

PIXbyemily said...

jen, is it next week yet? i am super excited to push myself and see what i can pull off. ;D

Anonymous said...

how do I vote for Justin's?

jen said...

dear anonymous...you just did! I posted the poll before justin posted his photo...but you can vote in these comments...just say you're voting for him! :)

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jen!
(I don't have a google, AIM, open press, etc acct, so that is why I am anonymous!)
I am Kathe! :P

Anonymous said...

I vote for ashlynn I mean Justin!!!!

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