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Friday, February 18, 2011

fifteen challengers. (yes, I did just call you a challenger...yowza.)
three hundred sixty eight votes or likes or comments or favorites or tweets.

this week challenge was simply to display [body parts] with your photographic spin on it.
I got to see:
baby feet...
eye balls...
and even dog buns... :)
like I said, craziness...but I am seriously loving these challenges!  you all are amazing!
and thank you for being patient with me as I figure out the best and easiest way for you all to participate!
I think I've got a way figured out.  I guess we'll see how it goes next week! :)

and julie from artsy life on etsy is amazing!
I've had the time to look over her blog, her fanpage, and shop and have come to the conclusion that she is a genuine artist.  her attention to detail and creativity are exactly what I wanted these challenges to be put it simply she inspired ME this week.  super cool chick.  plus, throw in the fact that she generously donated this weeks winner with this amazing necklace from her shop?!  yup, super cool chick. :)

now for the winners of this week kreatid challenge [body parts]!
picking my favorite this week was hard for me...I loved three in particular.  but there was one picture that I kept coming back to again and again because it simply made me smile each time.

kayce smith's adorable photograph of her son.
"all the perfect body parts of a little baby...chubby feet, tiny fingers, button nose, and kissable lips..."
so adorable and SO true. :)

this weeks third place winner (by only six votes!) is angelica rivera's three stunning entries
I loved what she had to say about the above entry...
"this was inspired by the musician Jónsi's music video 'Go Do.' I loved how his eyes and make-up was done had had to focus on the eyes myself. I must admit that the eyes are my favorite part of every person.The eyes alone say over 1,000 words, just like a picture."
not only do I LOVE Jónsi, but I had this exact conversation with my sister this week...
eyes DO tell stories.  love this.

the vivid colors of this one command a full look..great entry!

this one is awesome...not only is it a self-portrait...but the lollipops and lips have to make you smile! :)

second place this week was debbie bower's touching "the craftsman."
" I grew up watching my dad work a piece of leather into a piece of art..."
and I have to add lynne's comment to this one...because it truly is amazing and adds to the emotion of this photograph!
"Debbie, not sure if you remember this, but your dad crafted a special guitar strap for me back in the 90's, which was given to me as a gift from the first church that sent us to Mexico. They had it made for us, so I never had the opportunity to meet the person who made it...Then, one Christmas, after playing at the evbc Christmas Eve service (maybe 2007), he came up from the audience afterward and told me that he remembered making that strap...I was honored to meet him!"

and this weeks winner earned it...not only did she post three amazing entries, but she tweeted, facebook'd, and flickr'd her way to the top this week...seriously LOVE your passion and creativity emily johnston!

"noses. i can't imagine kissing without them!"
so never thought about it from this perspective...but so true!  :)

"fingers n toes 2.0"
love that this represents the entire family...beautiful shot! :)

"this photo represents my ♥ 's prayer. that my boys would know the joy & freedom of being in their Father's hands."
love the happy warmth of this one!  makes me excited for the pool days that are coming soon! :)

thank you, thank you, thank you everyone who participated and especially to julie...this is such a joy for me to get to look at how all of you capture and view life. (or at least body parts this week) :)
looking forward to next week! :)


Kayce Smith said...

So excited for all the entries! It was fun seeing each one! :) Thanks for the favorite...I'm so surprised (and honored :) that you picked mine. Thanks for starting these fun challenges and inspiring others with YOUR creativity!!

Julie K. said...

Great job ladies!! Love the passion expressed here. Emily, let me know where to send the necklace to at juliekittredge (at) gmail (dot) com. And thanks for the kudos Jen, it was a pleasure!

janet said...

Congrats to fun to see all the entries & it's helping me to think outside my own traditional thought patterns regarding photos. I didn't submit an entry for this particular contest, but I was kinda' coveting that adorable necklace...loved that!

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