my girls. :)

Wednesday, June 30, 2010

the day has officially ended as I kiss my kids goodnight and fin-uh-ly sit down and ponder my day... :)

tonight, I got to meet with my girls.  there were eleven of them tonight. :)

I get to spend time with my girls every wednesday for small groups.
I get to lead (although sometimes I'm not sure who's really leading) :)  some of the most interesting, most colorful, most profound girls that I wouldn't otherwise have known if it were not for these wednesday nights.

tonight, we talked about what our "elsewhere's" were.
the phrase "God is good, so we don't have to look elsewhere." was the topic.
and somehow this lead to the topic of first crushes.
oh, how they love to talk about the boys. :)
and what girl wouldn't really?
God made them interesting so we would want to talk about them...and apparently talk about them.
a lot. :)

do you remember your first crush?
I do.  :)
1st grade.  jay kimball.  he smiled nice and didn't pick on me the way brian kowalski and kip rogers did. (although, they let me play kickball with they were still cool.)
he had yellow hair and could run fast.
apparently my standards back then were seriously high. :)
crushes are fun...they make your heart race and the world seem just a bit more colorful.

yes.  these girls tonight made me smile.  as they animatedly talked about boys and then furrowed their brows at the "dumb" boys.  I got to watch them form new thoughts about finding the right boy.  the boy that would care more about them loving the One rather than just the boy...
yes.  they make me smile.
they teach me a lot about myself...and let me remember pieces of myself that I might otherwise forget...
even things like first crushes. :)


kiersten said...

Keith Perkins....3rd grade. We never would have made it...Post-its hadn't been invented!

Rachelle said...

I love it...this is so funny. E.J. Echaveri (sp?)...5th grade. There probably was one before this, but I don't remember. Funny story...he asked me to "go out" with him & about 30 minutes later "broke-up" with me after another girl got mad at him & said that he was her boyfriend. Oh, to be a kid again and have these your biggest worries in life.

Caroline and Kyle said...

Love this :) So sweet..I miss that sweet time with my girls, they were so influential in my life. I loved watching God work through them to influence me. So cool :) Hope all is well!
ps. We got a puppy ! haha

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