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Monday, November 29, 2010

scenic [see-nik]
1. having pleasing or beautiful scenery
2. representing a scene
1. a photograph depicting natural scenery
2. a scenic tour

                  do you see him?         no.  do you see him?

I see his nose kissed with freckles...
I smell his skin when he hugs me...he smells like sweet boy who loves the outside...
I see his blue eyes krinkle with a joke that's sure to come...

I have this photograph.
     this scenic photograph...
              of this larger than life boy dwarfed by the great redwoods...

                                    this is my boy.
                                            the one who brings me joy...

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not photogenic. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the first thing she says to me is...
              "jen, seriously.  we are not photogenic.  no, I'm serious."
   catherine, you officially win the award for liar of the year. ;)
these people were a joy to hang out with for a quick mini-holiday shoot!
hudson (the only other little boy I know with the same name as my nephew!)
was the sweetest, most chill, blue-eyed little boy!
he's in the crawling phase of life and I was genuinely impressed with his parents ability
to just let him roam and be free!  seriously adorable little boy!
and bentley (um, can you say rockstar name?!  pretty sure if I had more kids - which I'm not - I'd use that name...that or evelyn...)
was a cute as the bow on her perfect little dress!  and you should have seen her light up as soon as the train passed was like a trance...cute little girl! :)
yes, catherine.  you and your family are incredibly beautiful and photogenic.  and you were simply amazing to photograph!  thanks for such an amazing session! :)

my favorites :)

Monday, November 22, 2010

I love this family.
          I LOVE this family.  a lot. :)
I've known justin and nicole since before they were "justin and nicole".  :)
nicole is a life friend and one of the very first I met when I moved to az 12 years ago.
       she was the first girl I met in my first small group being a leader in student ministries.
I've got to hear her say she is going to marry "that boy".
    then, I got to see her marry "that boy".
       then, I got to see her have three beautiful girls with "that boy".
she is the original pineapple princess and I love her. :)
justin is the children's ministry pastor at our church and it fits him perfectly!
             he is one of my husband's closest friends and he is simply hilarious.
seriously, he can make me laugh harder than most people I know!
                                                                              yup, I love him, too! :)
   um, and do you see how adorable their kids are?!
yeah, the middle one made my day when she asked if I would please hold her?
     seriously, do you need to even ask?
         yup, I love these girls, too.  a lot. :)
yes, these are some of my absolute favorites.  yes, yes they are. :)

again and again :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

do you ever watch a little kid in front of a full length mirror?
              it's quite funny.                  
                        especially if they think they are alone.
     they dance.
         they check out their teeth.
                they make funny faces.
I'm pretty sure that almost every kid loves to look at themselves.  adults too. :)
   if you take a picture of them...they eagerly want to stare at it.
      they put it in a spot they can come back to again and again just to look at it.

but what if that kid doesn't get to just be that goofy, wiggly kid?
             what if they're stuck in a hospital bed?
                        are they somehow less of a kid?
     I think not.

this nagging though kept growing in my mind these last couple months.
    who takes the picture that the sick kids get to come back to again and again?
           they should have a happy picture to look at, too.
that.  I could help with. :)

enter inspiration through art (formerly known as the littlest hero's project).
this organization puts photographers and "little hero's" who have signed up for the program.
(kids who are sick or who have been sick or are more challenged physically than other kids)
basically it allows me to show up
   spend some time with their family and snap a bunch of photos
       that they get to come back to, again and again.
             pretty sure I get the best end of the deal. :)

after about a month, I got an email from the little girl I would be photographing!
              meet sugar. :)
     that's not her real name...but it's what her mom calls her on her blog and I like it :)
sugar has type 1 diabetes and found out that she had it when she was just 24 months.

here's a break down her mom sent me of the type of life sugar leads:
In order to most accurately determine how much insulin she needs, we must count every carbohydrate she eats or drinks.  We also must balance her insulin needs with activity level, illness, growth spurts, and stress.

She must have her fingers poked 8 - 10 times a day, including at least twice
overnight.  That amounts to roughly 20,000 drops of blood in the past 5 years.   It also means her parents do not - ever - get a full night's sleep.  Diabetes never sleeps, therefore her blood sugars must be monitored throughout the night.
By the time she was 3 years old, she had recieved over 1800 shots of insulin.

She began wearing her insulin pump at age 3 1/2 -- it must be worn
24/7/365.  We insert a new pump site every 3 days.  If something happens to her pump, she must go back to getting shots while we wait for a pump replacement.  She can't ever go for a full 24 hour period without the insulin her body needs to survive.

She is at constant risk for both low and high blood sugars.  Both of these
situations can cause seizures, coma, and death.  Because of these risks, sugar must have an adult with her at all times who is able to recognize and respond to signs of trouble.  As a result, her parents haven't been on more than a handful of dates since her diagnosis, and she has never enjoyed simple pleasures such as going to a movie with a friend or attending a slumber party.

In developing countries, the life expectancy of a child with diabetes is
less than 5 years.

Diabetes kills more people every year than breast cancer and AIDS combined.

pretty heavy, no?
Wendy (her mom) is one of the biggest advocates in promoting awareness in finding a cure for this disease.
her blog states it's existence is simply for:
     REACH the heart of anyone who has ever been affected by Type 1 Diabetes.
     SHARE the journey through highs and lows.
     LOVE unconditionally, just as we have all been commanded to do.

she is beautiful, fierce and passionate and it was simply a pleasure learning more on this disease and getting to photograph her and sugar and their beautiful family!
p.s. the blue tutu's are in honor of the international diabetes federation's symbol...a simple blue circle...LOVE the symbolism Wendy!  :)

this would be the lovely, Sugar... :)

her little sister Tiara :)

and her other younger sister Tink :)

p.p.s!  it was jason & wendy's 10th anniversary this last thursday!  congratulations! :) 

beautiful family, beautiful sugar...thank you for the opportunity! :)

que bella :)

do you remember being small?
more specifically do you remember being young?

I do.

one particular memory is filled with smells of salt water.
          I remember sitting on a beach.  being happy.  I must have been five-ish?
     I remember hearing shouts at a dog running towards the salt water and nearly knocking me over.
I remember going for a walk on the beach with her and picking up pretty rocks.
       I remember being tired and I remember her brushing my long hair.  
                 she brushed it gentler than my mother did.
I remember her flowery perfume and her beautiful lipstick lips.
                          she hummed as she brushed my hair.  and called me sweetie.
after she gently brushed my wild hair she braided it beautifully and told me I was "que bella!"
             yes, she is a special part of my life...not an everyday part, but special.
she is as beautiful as the flowers she bend and shapes to make intricate beautiful arrangements.

                              I am older now, but...
she still smells like flowers.  she still has beautiful lipstick lips.  her eyes sparkle with secrets.
                     and she still told me I was "que bella!"

I love you, aunt clairdy.

beauty and class :)

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm not exactly sure how so much gorgeousness got stuffed into one family...
I mean seriously...
danny is one of the few men I know who can legitimately
                           rock a scarf and news hat and make it look effortless...
         and gina is the epitome of class...she just oozes it
 and I seriously covet her shoes.
                                seriously. :)
oh, but the I love these kids!
             jack will forever hold a piece of my heart.
                       he was one of my first students when I taught preschool.
his giant mischevious blue eyes and perfect blonde hair just got a piece of my heart
         starting on day one.
                add in the fact that he is the sweetest little boy?!
                         he would tell me as I was putting in time out for something trivial
      "mrs. driesbach, I love you." 
heart breaker.  :)
                and to see hayden as she grows into a beautiful lady,
      it is seriously a pleasure for me...she's got her mama's class...
and then kyle...he was a baby when jack was in pre-school.
         and now he is just as much the heartbreaker as jack is only with the most brilliant red hair!
again I pose the question, how is it that so much beauty got infused into this family? 
                  I don't know, but I feel lucky that I get to capture it year after year! :)

and THIS is what happens when I take TOO many pictures...I LOVE kyle's face in this pic!
Thanks again, Gina! :)

no one like you :)

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Happy Sunday! :)