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Thursday, November 18, 2010

I'm not exactly sure how so much gorgeousness got stuffed into one family...
I mean seriously...
danny is one of the few men I know who can legitimately
                           rock a scarf and news hat and make it look effortless...
         and gina is the epitome of class...she just oozes it
 and I seriously covet her shoes.
                                seriously. :)
oh, but the I love these kids!
             jack will forever hold a piece of my heart.
                       he was one of my first students when I taught preschool.
his giant mischevious blue eyes and perfect blonde hair just got a piece of my heart
         starting on day one.
                add in the fact that he is the sweetest little boy?!
                         he would tell me as I was putting in time out for something trivial
      "mrs. driesbach, I love you." 
heart breaker.  :)
                and to see hayden as she grows into a beautiful lady,
      it is seriously a pleasure for me...she's got her mama's class...
and then kyle...he was a baby when jack was in pre-school.
         and now he is just as much the heartbreaker as jack is only with the most brilliant red hair!
again I pose the question, how is it that so much beauty got infused into this family? 
                  I don't know, but I feel lucky that I get to capture it year after year! :)

and THIS is what happens when I take TOO many pictures...I LOVE kyle's face in this pic!
Thanks again, Gina! :)


DESIGNEDbyemily said...

awesome set Jen. what a striking family! and their much fun to work with! you continue to inspire.

Wendy said...


LOVE LOVE LOVE your skills, woman :)

Gina Cristofano said...

Jen - you inspire beauty on the inside, and you capture it on the outside. What a wonderful skill set, and what great shoot, as always!

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