not photogenic. :)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

the first thing she says to me is...
              "jen, seriously.  we are not photogenic.  no, I'm serious."
   catherine, you officially win the award for liar of the year. ;)
these people were a joy to hang out with for a quick mini-holiday shoot!
hudson (the only other little boy I know with the same name as my nephew!)
was the sweetest, most chill, blue-eyed little boy!
he's in the crawling phase of life and I was genuinely impressed with his parents ability
to just let him roam and be free!  seriously adorable little boy!
and bentley (um, can you say rockstar name?!  pretty sure if I had more kids - which I'm not - I'd use that name...that or evelyn...)
was a cute as the bow on her perfect little dress!  and you should have seen her light up as soon as the train passed was like a trance...cute little girl! :)
yes, catherine.  you and your family are incredibly beautiful and photogenic.  and you were simply amazing to photograph!  thanks for such an amazing session! :)


elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I love this woman's eyes! So unique. Cute! :)

maventheavenger aka jamie said...

Nice work Jen! I love the angles.

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