que bella :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

do you remember being small?
more specifically do you remember being young?

I do.

one particular memory is filled with smells of salt water.
          I remember sitting on a beach.  being happy.  I must have been five-ish?
     I remember hearing shouts at a dog running towards the salt water and nearly knocking me over.
I remember going for a walk on the beach with her and picking up pretty rocks.
       I remember being tired and I remember her brushing my long hair.  
                 she brushed it gentler than my mother did.
I remember her flowery perfume and her beautiful lipstick lips.
                          she hummed as she brushed my hair.  and called me sweetie.
after she gently brushed my wild hair she braided it beautifully and told me I was "que bella!"
             yes, she is a special part of my life...not an everyday part, but special.
she is as beautiful as the flowers she bend and shapes to make intricate beautiful arrangements.

                              I am older now, but...
she still smells like flowers.  she still has beautiful lipstick lips.  her eyes sparkle with secrets.
                     and she still told me I was "que bella!"

I love you, aunt clairdy.


DESIGNEDbyemily said...

seriously! let me know whe your book is released, i want the 1st autographed copy! you are an artist in E.V.E.R.Y. sense of the word. I am thankful to know you.

elizabeth said...

Wow...that brought tears to my eyes. So beautiful!

Kate the Great: said...

Loved that. I remember that trip too. The funny part was when we broke one of those water toys on the way to the airport and Aunt Clairdy helped us change our clothes on the side of the road....she didn't even get mad. Aunt Clairdy is definately a special part of all of our lives.

janet said...

Waaaahhhhh!!!! Wiping the tears away..man...you can push the emotional buttons! I was a little huffy at the she "brushed it more gently than my mother'...whatever...but you captured my dear sister so well...can't wait to see some more!

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