just breathe.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I was reminded today of the importance of simply breathing.
do it.  just breathe.
take a d.e.e.p. breath.  feels good, huh? :)

I was listening to my friend who owns and runs a restaurant, talk today.  she works so hard and at a constant frenetic pace...and she's sick right now...so she can't, just breathe.
I was reading my sister's blog today and was stunned with how much is in each and every one of her jam packed days...so much so that it's hard for her to lift her head and find a center.  as it is difficult for many mommies I know in her exact same shoes.
and then I read my friends blog about her boy.  life gets a whole lot clearer perspective for me when I read her blog.  she's about as honest as they come.  and she's just about one of the strongest woman I have ever had the privilege to call friend.

after I shot an incredibly fun high school senior shoot tonight, I got in my car, and stretched to try and un-kink the knots from the day and this song came on...
the chorus was a reminder from Him.
just breathe.
don't grow weary in doing good.  at the right time...then you will reap the harvest.
and then?
then I looked out my window, smiled...and just breathed.


DESIGNEDbyemily said...

thank you Jen. for being YOU and allowing God to be HIM in your life!

kiersten said...

right now i'm breathing in the salty sea air of coronado. it's late but we just got here and i'm listening to the ocean - at least what i can hear through completely blocked ears - and am grateful! for you, for a break and for god's grace! love you!

elizabeth said...

Needed this post. Beautiful pic!

Rachel Olimb said...

Love you, Jen.

Oh, and I think you're the strong one!

Lindsey said...

are you singing the faith hill song right now? I kind of am. In my head. Beautiful words. Beautiful picture:)

Kate the Great: said...

Beautiful. Words aren't coming to me right now, but I loved this.

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