do. you. know?

Thursday, September 23, 2010

do you even know what today was?!
do. you. know? (you have to say it like edna from the incredibles for it to be amusing.) :)

today was the first day of fall!

I wonder if was by accident that for the first day of fall that I was fin-uh-ly able to buy canned pumpkin in the grocery store?  I'm thinking not so much.
and yes, that was me buying six cans because I'm awesome like that and am very grinchlike
towards all things pumpkin.
happy equinox.
happy harvest.
happy festifall. (for you, k.) :)
or happy fall...who cares how you say it, it's offically here.
bring on the pumpkin. :)

p.s.  I am going to be experiencing real (leaves, chilliness and more pumpkins!) fall in Illinois
October me if you'd like to schedule a session...I have a few openings left! 

HAPPY fall! :)

p.p.s.  for all you bakers out's a killer pumpkin scones recipe!  enjoy! :)


kiersten said...

fall fall it's festifall! yeah yeah yeah!!!

Lindsey said...

you said equinox....I like you:)

DESIGNEDbyemily said...

u just made me homesick....i never thought that would happen while in Hawaii. grab an extra can o pumpkin for ME. :D

elizabeth said...

jen...that shot of the leaves...that is amazing. Where?

Bonnin Buzz said...

Just made scones, they pretty much rock and my house doesn't smell like little boy pee anymore. Thanks for your outstanding blog, love it! Happy October

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