happy festi-fall! :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

do you remember your 2nd grade halloween school party?
I do.
we bobbed for apples.  played bozo buckets for plastic spider rings.
(do you even remember bozo the clown?!)
we ate pumpkin shaped homemade sugar cookies and caramel apples.
and the best part?
the best part was that my mom was the room mom and organizer of the whole party!
yeah, I was living large because I had the coolest mom who thought of
the coolest games for the coolest classroom party.  ever. :)

I'm starting to think that my mom is the reason for my obsessions with holidays.
I love to match everything.  and have everything "just so".  obsessive, really. :)
but in my defense, the detail shots at a party are just too fun! :)

all of this to say, I'm so excited to show you emporiium's new halloween product line!
I'm especially loving the pumpkin bean bag's that my friend kiersten thought up!
if you live in gilbert you can purchase some at liberty market, or if not order them in our store!
and if you love the cupcake toppers, you need to thank our awesome baker, adrienne, at liberty market.
the "twilight" cupcake is fantastic, don't you think!

if nothing else, be inspired to have a killer holiday party and please, share with me...
what's your favorite holiday party memory?
happy halloween! (or festifall...) :)


Kate the Great: said...

cute, cute, cute. Love the twilight cupcake and the batbox....and the waterbottle wraps are super clever.

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