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Thursday, July 08, 2010

there are things, as a photographer, that I just want to do...
I want to recreate edward hopper's "nighthawks" art in a photo.
I want to have a shoot on a trolley/train car.
I want to stand in the middle of the street in my hometown in 30 second long exposure. :)
I want to have a [secret]session with a mexican mamasita :)
I want to do a lot, apparently. :)

but this week I focused on low-light long exposure and purposeful low-light bokeh.  a friend of mine asked me to shoot some abstract bokeh lighting shots for some print work he is working on.  shooting that and wanting to learn more about low-light long exposure for the 4th of july inspired today's blog post.  I'm still learning, but it's fun and I like the way the colors meld into each other in long exposure. :)

p.s. don't be surprised to see my hometown later this month...I'm gonna do it, I think.  that is if I don't hit in the process. :)  all for art, right? :)

I like the over-exposed-ness :) of this one. :)

and my personal favorite of one of my most favorite places using tra's infrared action :)


DESIGNEDbyemily said...

i L O V E the idea of using a camera to create abstract pieces of art. I usually view subjects in two modes, as they are and in some random, not as they are way. To capture is fun. To capture with 'intention' is a thrill!

elizabeth said...

That last one is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G I want it on my wall. Really cool capture. The other ones are very abstract and modern...just cool. Can't wait to see the "hometown" shot.

Rachel said...

You're so talented, Jen! Love them all!

janet said...

When you do STC's main it at night...trying to get the hill' the way the lights look like they're swooping. Maybe get Darryl Rogers to stop traffic for you (since he's a policeman...well detective, I guess). The Arcada would be cool with this effect too...can't wait to see what you get!

Leslie said...

Mmmm. Bokeh. Love it. And abstract photography as art has always been scary to me. Any time I've tried it, I've been FAR too embarrassed to show it to anyone, because I think it always looks like an "accident." But these are brilliant. You're very, very inspiring!

Kim said...

Wow, stunning pictures! I'm following you via blog hop :)

Anonymous said...

A Main Street downtown night shot with lighted Hotel Baker and River (dam) looking north would be cool.
D , of course, no longer on force, but u might want to call PD and ask for Sgt. Roger Anderson or
Prtlmn. Jeff Finley to c if they could help you out and tell them you are a friend of D's and your Grandpa was an alderman a long time ago and this is your hometown.

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