stuck in the aftermath

Monday, July 12, 2010

today I am somewhere in between the aftermath and the promise of what's to come.
or rather the "hope" of what's to come.

this last weekend was a whirlwind.
the boy turned nine this weekend.
and it was fun.
and it was colorful.
and it was wet.
there was cake, I think?
there were definitely smiles and laughing.
and I know there were presents.  I think I just stepped on one. :)

but now?
now is the aftermath.
clean up time.
because vacation is right around the corner.  the what's to come.
and I simply can.not.wait. :)

amidst the clean up of the aftermath and the packing for what's to come...I am daydreaming of my wants for this vacation.  rest is coming.  and I can't wait.


elizabeth said...

Dispicable ME! Can't wait for that. Can't wait to hear about your vacation. get some rest...and take some fun pics.

Mary Lessig said...

hope u have a great trip!

Lindsey said...

loved despicable me:) Have so much fun on your vacay. Blaze some trails. But not too many because you're already doing sooo good!

Kate the Great: said...

I'll admit it....I'm a little jealous....but I hope you have a blast! Are you going to the Cougars game? And as a PBF chipper for me.

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