good people.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

there are fewer more colorful gatherings than when a family of italians get together.
southerner's might be able to compete...but for the most part italians win.
hands down. :)
and I love that I get to feel just a smidge italian when I'm around these people.

d + k asked me to take a few candids of the 50th wedding anniversary they were throwing for d's parents.
oh, how I love d's parents. :)
and yes.  I did say "50th".  simply awesome. :)
john (dave's dad) is the original "italian stallion".  he's the first to greet you at the door and make you feel a part of the family.  and when you watch him mingle - he has swagger mixed with kindness...pretty cool. :)
ruthie (dave's mom) is pure sunshine.  she has this way were she quietly swooshes in and envelopes you with her sweet charm only furthuring this feeling that you are now and forever a part of her family.

good people.  :)

I love looking over these pictures.  I sit and wonder what it will feel like to have been married to matt when I turn 70.  I hope I smile big. :)
I love the genuineness of john and ruth.  they have chosen to really love each other.  they've lived life together.  and I admire them.  a lot.
I also admire d + k and all the hard work they put into this...they love big by serving, I think.  but maybe they just love big in general.
I loved that I got to see the behind the scenes of this big italian family celebration...yes.  good people. :)







elizabeth said...

Beautiful! I love that yellow cake too! Miss them...give them a smooch from me.

janet said...

Lovely photos! Start practicing on that cake...Dad & I only have 8 years to go until our 50th...can you believe it????

DESIGNEDbyemily said...

you captured this celebration perfectly Jen. love the b&w storyboard amongst the colors!

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