kissing the clouds :)

Thursday, June 24, 2010

as a kid I remember riding the train into chicago and visiting the sears tower.
standing at the base of it, typically you couldn't even see the top because it was buried in the clouds.
all you would see is window upon window and steel beams leading up as far as you could see!

riding to the top was an adventure, too.
going up the seven minute elevator, you would feel the sway of the building.
yes.  I said the building swayed.
and yes.  I said seven minutes.
not good for a motion sickness prone little girl. but no worries, I made it.  :)

once you reached the top it was simply breath taking.  but I distinctly remember the fear of not wanting to take that first step onto the observation deck.
as if the floor would give way and I would fall to my demise.  pbsh.
after being coaxed by my dad to walk around, you got used to the feeling like you were a sailor.  and when you looked around, it was breathtaking!
how was it that mere man constructed this amazingly tall skyscraper that kissed the clouds?!  Ah-mazing.

that was my first experience with architecture.  later in life in college, I would try and replicate through drafting, creating pencil drawings of buildings that others had constructed and I was intrigued with grids and lines and shapes.  there's real art in architecture.  not baby cheeks + wedding flowers - which I love...but different art.  and I admired it.

over these last few months, I have had the privilege to shoot three commercial architecture sessions.
steve kovach, of kovach, inc. is a most interesting person that I've had the privilege to work with.
a man of many layers with interests in off road racing (he has his own team he takes to baja, MX every year!), playing the blues in his sound proof music studio and more importantly running an incredibly, successful company!  I shot his family this last christmas and he asked me a few months later if I would be up for photographing some of his latest projects for a brochure he was working on and to use the images to create an art gallery for his offices in phoenix
I was most definitly up for the challenge!
I love the use of color and shape and lines in how he designs and constructs for each of his projects.  and am amazed at how many people are on the job sites!  amazing to watch and be a part of!

here are a few of my favorite snapshots from the sessions at phoenix children's hospital, the new arizona casino, barney's at scottsdale fashion square & his work shop at his office...


elizabeth said...

Seriously cool! I wouldn't mind that in my super contemporary room...that is if I had one...but when I do...i'm coming to see you! Awesome job!

DESIGNEDbyemily said...

can i just say, it is good to have you back! love this post.

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