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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

*warning - you might shed a few tears if you choose to read this post.*
(and for those of you who just said "pbsh, I don't cry" let's just say I warned you) :)

a few weeks before mother's day I teamed up with "save our stories" in books and had this contest.
there were quite a few unbelievable tear-jerkers on kreatid's facebook fan page! *sniff*
there is just something that tugs ALL of our hearts when it comes to mothers.

forever until I die, the soundtrack in my head when I hear the word mother
will be "the mother song" by the chipette's.
(I'm pretty sure I just audibly heard a few of you snort/laugh.)

but it's true.

this is a scene from the epic adventure "the chipmunk adventure"...
let me set the scene:
the chipmunk's and chippette's are racing around the world.  eleanor (the blonde chubby one) rescues this baby penguin that was stolen from it's mother in Antartica by an arabian twerp king.  she sings this song and convinces the stubborn britney (the blonde cool one) that they NEED to help the little penguin get back to it's mother.  even if they end up losing the race! *sob*. 

once again.  YES, I'm 32.  and NO, I will not grow up.  ever.

click here to listen to it.  :)

I couldn't decide a winner of the contest so I had my own mother pick the winner.
here's the entry that she ended up picking by the lovely miss emily maccrane :)
I'm no mom.   I'm the daughter. But by the grace of God, I know I want to be one from the example my mom has given me. My mom is the image of laughter, faith and love.

Recently I was commenting about how badly I wanted a surprise birthday party but I was already planning a party so I thought "No problem, there's still next year." My mom and 10 of my closest friends surprised me last night to celebrate my 17th. I was blown away, not only because I had just seen my friends 45 minutes before and not noticed, but my mom, who had been working everyday this week, planned it all because she loved me. She didn't have to day it, because her actions spoke the loudest.

Faith. My mom has been in a physical battle for 9 years. Breast cancer followed by CML. And yet she keeps going! When my dad sucks or I whine about a problem at school, she will listen and bring me back to my God, who gave us our relationship. She could have given up, she could have become bitter or despondent. Instead she loves her God, loves her family, and takes each day as it comes.

My mom is one of the more sarcastic people you can meet. She makes me laugh beyond the point of breathing with her silly voices, wit and faces. On a bad day she is the one I will tell because I know she will make it better. Just like a Bandaid cures any booboo.

I'm not my mother but when I grow up I want to be like her: faithful to my God, full of laughter, and loving to the best of my ability.
congratulations, Emily and thanks for letting us hear your beautiful story! :)   here's a couple of the snapshots from the mini-shoot that she won! :)


elizabeth said...

Beautiful! Def got a few tears out of my eyes. ;p

DESIGNEDbyemily said...

wonderful contest - even better winner! and i l o v e the ladybug shots. fun!

Kate the Great: said...

This is my all time favorite song as well....you should play on the piano and sing this some day!! I even wrote the words down to that song when I was 10...they are forever in my brain still. What a great song!

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