last week is so...2000 and late.

Friday, June 25, 2010

I feel like a lot has happened over the last three days.  maybe just internally though.
let me explain...
do you ever feel like you're doing life and doing it pretty okay?
that was me.
last week. :)
the last few days I feel like God is stretching me.  and challenging me to do life even better...and to grow in the area of discipline (I kinda just snickered a little bit to almost sounds like a cuss word to me.) 
that's how far removed I am from discipline.  and I desperately don't want to be a stranger to it anymore.

don't get me wrong.  discipline is not that foreign of a concept to me in all areas of my life.
if there was anyone who could be a workaholic, I'd be first in line.
but I think that that is where the problem starts.  for whatever reason, work comes easy to me.  I like it.  challenging myself with the things I like and am good at and interest me.  so the equation:
hard work + interesting things = jen is happy.
but am I disciplined in the areas of my life that aren't "work"?
to be honest.  no.
(*gasp* I just admitted that.  out loud.  take it back, take it back!) :)
no.  I won't take it back.  it's who I am.  or rather who I was.  last week.
to quote the b.e.p.'s last week is " 2000 and late..." :)

I realized with the help and continued help of my amazing husband and seriously cool sisters that it's okay to recognize areas you fall short in and to work hard at them.  which is hard to do.  especially when it means being 100% honest with yourself and the people around you who love you.  I'm the queen of getting gung ho about something for two weeks and then crapping out two weeks later.
discipline is working hard when the gung ho leaves.
discipline is work.  hard work.

but today.  june 25th, 2010.  is a new day.  and discipline has started today.  and honesty about myself has started today. so here's to a fun friday being disciplined....and being truly happy. :)

now.  on to my favorites + not so muches!

*my lovely sisters.  they are two of my closest friends.  the younger one being miles away and has the ability to hug me through a phone.  the older one taking the time to really listen to me over a diet coke at wendy's.  even though miles and life may get in the way of us being together...I know that these two will forever have my back and be my biggest fans to the end.  I simply love, admire and cherish them.  a lot a bit.

*true love.  I got to photograph the 50th wedding anniversary of some dear, sweet friends of mine.  two people who have demonstrated what true love is.  is their marriage perfect?  is it easy?  nope.  but they chose to love.  and to grow old together.  and to be best friends.  and it is a most beautiful thing.

*good friends. :)  these two make me smile.  and be inspired by how hard they work at life.  I love to see them love on each other.  I love to read their post-it notes.  and I fully believe you could make a new york times best seller book out of their continuous life story.  I would call it "love. on a post-it note."  seriously cool people. :)

*being featured on other web-sites!  it shouldn't matter what other people think of you and your work, but it kinda is really cool when they "like" you and feature you on their web-sites.  must be the high-schooler in me. :)

on i heart faces on facebook

on pretty lovely designs

on swatchbook weddings

and now for the...

*being stuck in the middle.  let me explain.  not being gung ho.  not not caring.  but stuck somewhere in the middle.  the middle is not cool.  the middle is not for me.  :)

that's it for this week!  have an amazing weekend! :)


Kate the Great: said...

I love sharing diet cokes with you too...we need to do it more often! You're an amazing friend and sister to me. Don't be too hard on yourself though...if all of us were disciplined all the time I think we might be a bunch of robots! Adding discipline to a busy life isn't easy but I think it can start small, and after time you'll see your hard work pay off! You're tougher and stronger than you give yourself credit for...and I love that you erased my wrinkles!! :)

Krista McDaniel said...

Jen first off I love you and you have a way of teaching me through your words and I just have to let you know I miss you and being able to hear them come out of your mouth instead. I am good at being a work till ya drop girl and can love every second of that work. But I to am in need of discipline and am so thankful you but your thoughts in to words, cause I needed to hear this. Lastly, the picture of Senior Mr. And Mrs Traina is beautiful. I miss my papa Traina (thats are little name for him) and seeing this photo made me smile. I hope to see you soon!!! Love you

TL Ling Photography said...

Thank you for your beautiful honesty. I got teary when I read this post and was moved to look deeper at my own life. That's a gift! Keep capturing life with your words, design and photos. Jesus is using you!!

elizabeth said...

Beautiful...amazing post. Gave me chills. And I love you right back and feel encouraged ALL the time by you. Love you and go girl!

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