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Thursday, April 01, 2010

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Mother's Day is May 9th this year and I've got mother's on my mind.  Whether it's my mother, my step-grandmother, my real grandmother, my sister's who are mother's...They've all been on my mind.

You see this past week, my sweet step-grandmother passed away.

My grandpa married her fifteen years ago after being a widower for several years because my real grandmother passed away of multiple sclerosis...a simply horrible disease.  But both of these women intrigue me.

My real grandmother was known to be a sassy, fun woman before M.S.  My mom still tells me stories of parties that she and my grandpa would throw abroad in Spain and in America and how she would be the life of the party with her wit + charm.  And even through her disease, although her body ultimately failed her...her mind stayed sharp!  I have two funny memories with I remember from when I was about six.  We were visiting my grandparents in Boston where they lived in an apartment.  At this point my grandmother was confined to a wheelchair and had difficulty speaking without slurring.  Being six, I was bored.  I happened to be sitting near my grandma and she must have been watching me.  The windows were open and she laid her soft hand on my arm. She got me a pad of paper + a colored pencil from my grandpa (he was an architect so he had LOTS of pencils) and encouraged me to draw what I saw in the room.  Sitting next to me she simply said "good." and smiled peacefully and then rested her eyes.  And I remember, even at six really HEARING the city, and really SEEING the room and the love that my grandma felt for me.

The other memory of my real grandmother is kind of bittersweet yet still funny.  At about thirteen my family took a trip to see my grandparents this point my grandmother was in full hospice care because of her m.s.  There were many patients on her floor.  Getting off the elevator to her floor there was a woman sitting in a wheelchair simply saying over and over "I need to go to the bathroom."  Being a newly awkward teenager, I didn't know how to respond and I assumed that the nurse around the corner heard this woman.  We walked a few doors down to my grandmothers room where my mom had spent the morning brushing my grandmothers soft white/grey hair.  We each said hello and touched her hand and sat around her bed.  Well, the woman down the hall had increasingly become louder and more determined to let everyone know around her that she needed to go the bathroon - I guess it's all she said all day long.  And it became more and more awkward for us kids to try to hold a conversation with our grandma because of the repetiveness and loudness of the bathroom lady.  So my her most loudest yet somewhat slurred voice that M.S.  had caused shouted down the hall "I HOPE YOU GET FLUSHED DOWN THE TOILET!"
Oh. My. Goodness.
Are grandmother's allowed to say that?!  But it was just so dang funny and she laid back down with a smug smile on her face.  Yes, I loved my grandmother.  My sassy, kind grandmother. :)

My step-grandmother, I did not get the pleasure of knowing her as much.  But from the brief moments that I spent with her I observed that she was an incredibly sweet, generous + loving woman...and more importantly a great mother to her daughters, a best friend to my grandpa and an inspiration to many.

So what is this contest about, you ask?

The contest is simply this...I want to hear about why your own mother/grandmother/step-grandmother is so special to you.  These are stories that simply need to be heard.

You story can be anything really.  An endearing characteristic, a funny memory that you've with her, an inspiring moment you've had with her...I simply want to hear it! :)

I suppose contests have to have rules...and at least mine are simple!

1.  You have to write at least a two sentence entry in the mother's day contest discussion board on kreatid photography + designs fan board.
2.  You have to be a fan of kreatid photography + design AND save our stories in books. (super easy to do...just click on the hyperlinks and click "become a fan")
3.  Enter before April 8th, 2010 @ 9p.m. MST.

And since there are rules, there must be a prize for following the rules! :) (and it's perfect for Mother's Day coming up!)

The winner with the best "mom/grandma/sister/friend who is a mom :) story" will recieve:
*a twenty minute mini-photography session with kreatid photography + design for up to two people. (You and your mom maybe?!)
*the images from your mini-session turned into a super cute Swatchbook from Heritage Makers. (the company books uses to design and produce all their products!)
That's it!  Super easy and fun right?!  There are no hidden fee's/shipping charges...just an awesome swatchbook of you and your awesomeness!  Plus, the prize is a really cool gift for any mom/grandma/sister/friend to showcase how much you love them - perfect for Mother's Day!  But you don't have to use it only for Mother's Day, you can use them for practically anything...brag book, calander, business details...the possibilities are endless!
Also, if you think this contest is not for you because you live to far away...don't let that deter you!  I'll be in the San Diego area at the end of April and again in the beginning of June, Chicago around the 4th of July + most likely New Hampshire/Boston around Christmas/New can claim you prize then, if you prefer!
So get writing and I hope you WIN! :)


elizabeth said...

WOW! Cool contest...I'm headed over to your fan page right now to write up my stories...I want a daughter shoot with Kenzie documented with a swatch book. Sweet

janet said...

OK,,, bawling now. But its a good touched by Jen's memories of my Mom & step-Mom. She is right...stories NEED to be without stories are just memories lost...don't let that happen to yours! Looking forward to the entries & making an adorable Swatchbook for the winner.

Lucius Cambell said...

Your contest was cool. I may be a bit late but I want to share a piece of insight on why I love my grandma. She’s one of a kind! You can do difficult things, and others may think all the bad things about you; but she still believes in you, and understands you even at your lowest point. I think that's enough to describe how much I love her.


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