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Monday, April 05, 2010

not gonna' lie.  this weekend was a blur!
midsummer's night engagement shoot.
amazing good friday service.
sleep over's at grandma + grandpa's.
band practice w/ an over 100 person choir!
baking lemonade cake + rolls.
easter festivities.
easter basket jelly bean trails.
bubble play.
4 a.m. wake up for easter.
PHEW...and now?

now I sit and reflect :)

God is most definitly good to me.  This week was just a small glimpse of his gifts that he gives!  I guess today I am mostly musing on my kids...I simply love the presents that they are to me!

Maddie is my peanut, butter bean, lovely, baby, bunny bun, sweetheart ;)  I love that she is so tender and softhearted towards everyone!  And when she's happy...she skips instead of walking...I don't even think she knows that she's doing it...but you can often hear her skipping from room to room, softly singing happy little songs to herself and whatever it is that she's playing with.  And this weekend, there was a lot of skipping. :)

But my boy, is the one who I am thinking of and praying for today.  He is my little man.  My bubby.  My boy who brings me joy. :)  Yesterday, after a long weekend of rushing from event to event...I wanted to simply go outside and enjoy outside.
And it is simply the most perfect weather right now.
Not too hot.
Not too cold.  The sun kisses your face and the wind makes it just perfect.  So me and my boy went outside with my camera.  At first I was trying to take pictures of my friend the hummingbird...but she just was too far (even with my zoom!) to I turned my attention to the boy.  Who happened to be enamored with blowing the biggest bubble.  EVER.  Oh, how I love the gift that he is to me!
his freckles.
his long lashes.
his popsicle lips.
his grubbiness from playing football.
his neverending conversations with me about how much he loves star wars right now.  and especially light sabers.  and ewoks.  and how maddie reminds him of an ewok. :)
yes, I love my boy.  the boy who brings me joy. :)


elizabeth said...

What a beautiful post! Love the pictures of Micah...sweet boy. Give him a kiss from me.

Kate the Great: said...

I love our boys. They're just super cool....dirty, grubby, sweet, rowdy, and fun. I love that he's still at the age that he's not too cool to blow bubbles!

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