midsummer's night dream

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

once upon a time there was a boy.
who loved a girl.
and the girl was beautiful.
and the girl loved him back.
so the girl kissed him.
while the sun set, she kissed him.
and they lived happily ever after.


brianne and patric were Ah-mazing to shoot...and I simply loved this new location!  the only thing missing were early evening fireflies in this "midsummer's night" dream of a place.  brianne is beginning to plan her wedding and on the table is a destination wedding to hawaii!
(um, can you say AWEsome!)
so, I wanted someplace romantic and to somewhat stylize it to have hints of hawaii if she ended up getting her dream...which I hope for this soon-to-be airforce wife that she gets her wish! 
thank you brianne + patric and I wish you both ALL the best! :)



elizabeth said...

WOW! Crazy beautiful...seriously...made a story with your photos...and what a beautiful couple. Congrats to them...

janet said...

These turned out great...what fun ideas you have!

LISA said...

I looove these! Such a pretty place, beautiful couple & amazing pics!

Anonymous said...

Jen, thank you so much for the beautiful pictures. You have crazy talent and I'm so glad I met you! Patric and I are forever grateful for these gorgeous photos. :-)
<3 Brianne & Patric

Amy said...

Just so lovely. Very creative shots- you really captured their love.

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